Page 73 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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6861. Do you remember what he opened and closed the chart room door for? - I do not. 6862. Was it to come and tell you something? - I could not say. I said, “What is it?” and he did not reply; he closed the door. 6863. At half-past 4 by your ship’s time were you called by the chief officer? - Yes. 6864. Were you on deck about 20 minutes to 12? - I was on deck, yes. 6865. And at what time did you leave the deck to go to your chart room? - A quarter-past 12. 6866. Did you see that the deck lights of this vessel appeared to go out? - Not to me. 6867. Did the third officer make any observation to you about that? - No. 6868. Did he say to you that her deck lights seemed to go out? - No. 6869. Or that nearly all her deck lights seemed to go out? - No. 6870. (The Commissioner.) Was nothing said to you about her deck lights? - Not to me. 6871. Was anything said to anybody as far as you know? - I have heard since that the remark was passed. 6872. Who made the remark and to whom? - The third officer, I think, remarked to the second officer. 6873. When? - I do not know when. 6874. Have you never asked? - I have never asked, no. The Commissioner: You hear what he says? 6875. (The Attorney-General.) Yes, my Lord. (To the Witness.) Let me finish, first, what happened during that night. You were called by the chief officer? - At 4.30, yes. 6876. What did he say? - He told me it was breaking day and the steamer that had fired the rocket was to the southward. 6877. Was still to the southward? - Yes. 6878. (The Commissioner.) Who told you this? - The chief officer at 4.30. 6879. What is his name? - Mr. Stewart. 6880. (The Attorney-General.) 4.30 ship’s time, day was breaking. The steamer which had fired the rocket was still to the southward. Did you know she had fired a number of rockets? - I did not. 6881. According to you did she fire only one rocket? - Only one rocket. 6882. Have you never heard from other officers that she fired a number of rockets? - Since. 6883. When did you hear that? - The next day. 6884. Who told you? - The second officer first. 6885. What did he say? - He said she had fired several rockets in his watch - no, the chief officer told me, about 5 o’clock, that she had fired several rockets. The Attorney-General: My Lord, I think it very desirable that the other witnesses from the “Californian” should be out of Court whilst this witness is giving evidence. The Commissioner: By all means. The Attorney-General: If your Lordship will direct it. The Commissioner: Where are the other witnesses from the “Californian”? (The officers of the “Californian” stood up in Court.) Well, gentlemen, I think you had better leave the Court at present. (The officers retired.) 6886. (The Attorney-General.) Had you heard this vessel had fired altogether 8 rockets? - When. 6887. Before the chief officer came to you at 4.30? - None. 6888. Do you know that Gibson was told by the second officer to call you? - I do now. 6889. You do now? - Yes. 6890. When did you hear that? - The next day. 6891. What time the next day? - At about 7 o’clock. 6892. In. the morning? - In the morning.
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