Page 71 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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6816. Why did you ask him how many there were? - Well, I was curious about this “Titanic” accident. I was trying to locate the ship that was supposed to be between us and the “Titanic.” 6817. Were you in doubt as to whether you had seen one or two lights? - I had not myself. The Commissioner: Then I cannot understand why you should ask him how many lights he had seen if you yourself had no doubt whatever about it. 6818. (The Attorney-General.) If he did see two lights it must have been the “Titanic,” must it not? - It does not follow. 6819. Do you know any other vessel it could have been? - Any amount. 6820. Which - I mean, at this particular time, you know, and at this particular spot. Can you suggest any other vessel it could have been? - Well, I do not know. 6821. Carrying two lights? - That particular spot? The spot mentioned here as 19 miles away is not, in my opinion, where the “Titanic” hit the berg. 6822. Within a radius of 20 miles of you? - No, 30 miles. 6823. Do you mean she was further from you? - She was 32 miles from where I left the wreckage. 6824. (The Commissioner.) Has the third officer ever expressed any opinion to you that it was the “Titanic” he saw? - No, my Lord. 6825. Never? - Never. 6826. (The Attorney-General.) I must put this to you. Do you remember about a quarter-past 11 on that night, that is the night of the 14th, his telling you that he had noticed a steamer - that is, the third officer, Mr. Groves? - No, I do not. 6827. A steamer about three points abaft the starboard beam, 10 to 12 miles away? - No, I do not. 6828. Did you ask about her lights? - Not then. 6829. At any time? - No. A quarter to 12 was the first time I ever mentioned anything to him about the steamer, that I recollect. 6830. Did he say to you that she was evidently a passenger steamer? - No. 6831. And did you say to him, “The only passenger steamer near us is the “Titanic”? - I might have said that with regard to the steamer, but he did not say the steamer was a passenger steamer. 6832. You might have said what? - The “Titanic.” 6833. What about the “Titanic”? - The “Titanic” we were in communication with. 6834. That is not what I put, you know. The Commissioner: No, and it is not what he said. The Attorney-General: That is a very different thing. 6835. (The Commissioner.) You said, according to your statement, “The ‘Titanic’ is the only passenger steamer near us.” You said that to him? - She was. 6836. But you said it to him? - I do not recollect saying it. 6837. You have just told me you did say it. Do collect your mind. Did you say it? - I do not recollect saying it. 6838. (The Attorney-General.) Did you know of any other passenger steamer near you except the “Titanic”? - I did not. 6839. But you knew the “Titanic” was not far from you? - I had no idea where the “Titanic” was. 6840. But you had been in communication with it? - Yes; I had never had its position. 6841. Did you tell him to call her up with the Morse lamp? - I did not; he had already called her up. The Commissioner: I do not know whether you are going to leave it here? The Attorney-General: No; I am going to call other evidence about it. The Commissioner: I mean with this witness.
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