Page 69 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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6789. Did he say how she was altering her bearings? - Towards the S.W. 6790. Did he tell you whether he had seen any signal? - He said he saw a white rocket. 6791. From her? - From her. 6792. A white rocket? - Yes. 6793. (The Commissioner.) She did not change until what time? - A quarter-past 1 it was reported to me first. 6794. And then what was her bearing? - She was altering it slightly towards the S.W. 6795. It was then that you saw the rocket? - It was then that we saw the rocket. 6796. Did you see it? - No. 6797. The second officer saw it? - The second officer saw it. The Attorney-General: Your Lordship has the spot marked on the chart showing where the “Titanic” was when she sank? The Commissioner: Yes. The Attorney-General: It is not necessary to call attention to that because I think your Lordship has it before you? The Commissioner: Yes. The Attorney-General: You will see exactly what relation this has to the “Titanic.” The Commissioner: I do not follow it very well. The Attorney-General: Have you the spot marked of the “Titanic” sinking? I think it is just at the sounding 2084. The Commissioner: Is it right Mr. Attorney that at this time the “Titanic” would be bearing to the S.W. of where the “Californian” was? The Attorney-General: To the S.W. yes. The Commissioner: Is it also true as this witness is telling us, that the vessel of which we do not know the name was also bearing to the S.W.? The Attorney-General: I understand him to say so. 6798. (The Commissioner - To the Witness.) Is that so. Did you hear him? - I did my Lord. The steamer was heading S.S.E. by compass till 10 minutes to 1. 6799. Yes I know it was, but at the particular time we are talking about it was heading S.W. - Towards the S.W. 6800. I do not know what that means. Does it mean not S.W. What does towards “S.W.” mean. Does it mean S.W. or does it not? - It does not mean exactly S.W.; she was heading towards the S.W. 6801. Well, near enough. Is it the fact - am I right in supposing that this vessel, the name of which you apparently do not know, from which a rocket appeared, was at the time that the rocket was sent up in the position in which probably the “Titanic” was? - No. 6802. Well, then, you have conveyed to me an erroneous impression. How did this rocket bear to you? - I have never heard the exact bearing of it. 6803. But your second officer is alive, is he not? - Yes. 6804. Have you never asked him what the bearing of that rocket was? - He told me it was heading towards the S.W. Between the bearings S.S.W. and S.W. would be a distance of at least 5 miles and she was going slowly between those two bearings. The Commissioner: Mr. Attorney, again I want to know this: Apparently the “Titanic” (although it is very inaccurate because the chart is so small) would be at this time 14 or 15 miles away from this vessel? The Attorney-General: Yes. Sir Robert Finlay: I thought 19 miles. The. Commissioner: I do not think it matters very much. Sir Robert Finlay: 19, Southerly by W.
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