Page 67 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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6729. And did you see any deck lights? - A few. 6730. It was sufficiently close for that? - Oh, yes, she was getting closer all the time. 6731. About what distance approximately did you consider she was from you? - At 11 o’clock? 6732. I was going to ask you the distance at the time this conversation took place, and you said it was not the “Titanic”? - I suppose she was six or seven miles away. That is only approximately. The Commissioner: What lights did you see at the time this conversation was taking place. 6733. (The Attorney-General.) I thought that was what he was saying. (To the Witness.) Will you tell us what lights you saw at the time you had this conversation with the Marconi operator? - I saw one masthead light and a few other white lights, but I do not say I noticed the green light then; I was not paying a great deal of attention to her. 6734. (The Commissioner.) Were the white lights bearing from east on your starboard side? - Coming from the eastward on our starboard side, my Lord. 6735. And you saw some other lights. What were they? - They might have been anything - lights from the portholes, doorways, or anything at all. 6736. But no coloured light? - I did not notice any then. The Commissioner: I understand it now. 6737. (The Attorney-General.) You said it was not the “Titanic.” Did you give him any directions? Did you tell him to let the “Titanic” know? - I said, “Let the ‘Titanic’ know that we are stopped, surrounded by ice.” 6738. Do you remember at what time that message was sent? - About 11 o’clock. 6739. About 11 o’clock that night, ship’s time? - Ship’s time. 6740. Did you hear whether that message was acknowledged by the “Titanic”? - Not until the next day. 6741. It was not reported to you till the next day? - No. 6742. What was the report given to you? - That he told him to keep out - stand by; that he was busy with Cape Race. That is what I understood the message. 6743. You heard that from your Marconi operator, I suppose? - Yes. 6744. That an answer had been received from the “Titanic”? - Yes, telling him to keep out - that he was busy. 6745. What is the meaning of “keep out”? - Well, do not interrupt him. 6746. Do not interrupt because he, the “Titanic” operator, was busy? - Was busy. 6747. I think I understood you to say he was getting into touch with Cape Race? - That is what they were doing, I think; they were signaling with Cape Race. 6748. (The Commissioner.) “We are busy getting into touch with Cape Race”? - They were communicating with Cape Race then. 6749. (The Attorney-General.) I am going to call the operator, my Lord. (To the Witness.) Did you continue to watch the approaching vessel? - Yes. 6750. Till what time? - Half-past 11. I was standing on deck watching it. 6751. All this time you were stopped? - We were stopped. 6752. What size steamer did she appear to you - can you give us some idea? - She was something like ourselves. 6753. Something like yourselves? - Yes. 6754. Medium size? - A medium size steamer. 6755. Did you see your third officer attempt to communicate with him? - I did. 6756. How? - By a Morse lamp. 6757. A Morse lamp? - Yes. 6758. Did he get any reply? - No. 6759. By this time had you been able to detect her sidelights at all? - I could see her green light
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