Page 66 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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the “J” in “July”; in the field of ice. Sir Robert Finlay: That is right. The Attorney-General: We are agreed that is the right spot, my Lord. The Commissioner: Very well. The Attorney-General: I think it is convenient to mark them on the chart as we proceed. The Commissioner: At some time I shall want a chart, but not now - it is not convenient now - marked with the position of these different vessels at the different times that are referred to in the evidence. The Attorney-General: Your Lordship shall have it, and the direction in which they are proceeding. The Commissioner: And also the probable position of the “Titanic” at the time those messages were sent off. 6705. (The Attorney-General.) Yes, your Lordship shall have that. (To the Witness.) You were telling us that you stopped and reversed engines because of ice. What sort of ice was it? - Field ice. 6706. Where was it? - Right ahead of me. 6707. Did it stretch far? - As far as I could see to the northward and southward. 6708. You could see it although it was night? - Oh, yes. 6709. Then you stopped and reversed engines, and what did you do then? - I turned round and headed E.N.E. by the compass. I twisted her head to E.N.E. 6710. Where had you been heading before? - S. 89, W. true. 6711. You turned to E.N.E. by the compass? - Yes, by the compass. 6712. Did you then stop? - We stopped. 6713. Till? - 6 o’clock next morning. 5.15 we moved the engines for a few minutes and then we stopped on account of the news we received, and waited till 6 o’clock. 6714. It was daylight then, I suppose? - It was daylight then. 6715. Now close upon 11 o’clock did you see a steamer’s light? - I did. The Commissioner: 11 o’clock when? The Attorney-General: At night, my Lord. The Commissioner: This was on Sunday night? 6716. (The Attorney-General.) Yes. (To the Witness.). This was on Sunday night that you had stopped? - After we had stopped. 6717. And you saw a steamer’s light. Was it approaching you? - It was approaching me from the eastward. 6718. How did it bear? - I did not get the bearings of it; I was just noticing it casually from the deck. 6719. Where was it? On your quarter? - It was on the starboard side. 6720. What did you see - what light? - I just saw a white light to commence with. 6721. Did you then ask your wireless operator what ships he had? - Yes, I went to his room and I asked him what ships he had. 6722. That means from what ships he had had messages? - What ships he had been in communication with. 6723. What did he say? - “Nothing, only the ‘Titanic.’” 6724. Did you think that the vessel approaching you was the “Titanic”? - No, I remarked at the time that was not the “Titanic.” 6725. How could you tell that? - You can never mistake those ships - by the blaze of light. 6726. I am not quite sure that I understand you - you told us you had seen one light? - First. 6727. Then as she was approaching you, did you see more? - I saw more lights. 6728. Did you see any sidelights? - I saw a green light.
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