Page 64 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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once. The Commissioner: I cannot deal with your application at present, Mr. Dunlop. If anything is said which I think requires explanation from your clients I will take care to let you know. Mr. Robertson Dunlop: If your Lordship pleases, I may say the solicitors for the Leyland Line have taken statements supplemental to those taken by the Board of Trade, and I thought I might be able to clear up some matters which do not seem to be dealt with in the statements which have been given to the Board of Trade. The Commissioner: Have you seen the statements which have been given to the Board of Trade? Mr. Robertson Dunlop: Yes, my Lord. The Commissioner: Have you shown your statements to the Attorney-General? Mr. Robertson Dunlop: No, my Lord. The Commissioner: Why not? Mr. Robertson Dunlop: We had no time; we only got the statement late last night. I can show them. The Commissioner: It appears to me it would be far better to let the Attorney-General see those statements so that he may deal with the whole thing. In the meantime, what you can do is to watch, and, if you find any attack is made upon your clients, then you can ask me to allow them to go into the box. Mr. Robertson Dunlop: If your Lordship pleases. The Attorney-General: It cannot affect the owners, I think; it may affect the master if the story were true. The Commissioner: I understand this gentleman was applying on behalf of the owners and the master. Mr. Robertson Dunlop: Yes, my Lord. The Attorney-General: I do not see how it can affect the owners. STANLEY LORD, Sworn. Examined by the ATTORNEY-GENERAL. 6670. (The Attorney-General.) This is the Master, my Lord, of the Leyland Line steamship, “Californian” of Liverpool. (To the Witness.) Are you the Master of the s.s. “Californian” of Liverpool? - Yes. 6671. She is owned by the Leyland Line? - Yes. 6672. Would you tell me her tonnage? - Net? 6673. Give me the gross and net? - 4,038 net; 6,223 gross. 6674. What is her full speed? - It depends on the consumption of coal. Do you mean on a full consumption of coal? 6675. Yes? - 12 1/2 to 13. 6676. Did you leave London on April 5th? - Yes. 6677. For Boston? - For Boston. 6678. You arrived there, I think, on April 19th? - Yes, 4 a.m. 6679. Did you carry any passengers? - No. 6680. Do you carry passengers at all? - Sometimes we do; we have accommodation for passengers. 6681. You have a certificate as a passenger ship? - Yes. 6682. How many passengers would you carry? - 47 we have accommodation for. 6683. And what crew? - 55.
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