Page 61 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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6667. Did you hear anyone say to the officer: “There are no more women and children to be seen”? - Yes. 6668. You heard that? - I heard that. 6669. And what did he say then? - To fill up the boat. The Attorney-General: This is a question really of numbers, my Lord. I cannot say anything further about it, as I have only got the depositions at present. Your Lordship will have to see the witnesses. (The Witness withdrew.) Sir Robert Finlay: My Lord, with regard to the question of experts which has been mentioned, we should have no objection whatever if the other gentlemen engaged in the case can agree upon an expert to go with them; we should not object to that in the very least, but we do not think there ought to be an indefinite multiplication of experts. The Commissioner: Then if you gentlemen can put your heads together, and agree upon one expert to go with you, the White Star Company will be glad that you should have him with you. Find an expert in whom you all have confidence, and let him go with you to show you. (Adjourned till Tuesday next at 10.30 o’clock.)
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