Page 60 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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6643. Did you mean since you left Southampton to come here? - Yes. 6644. (The Commissioner.) Then when did you see him in Southampton? - Last Tuesday week. The Commissioner: You ought to know where this man is, Mr. Attorney. The Attorney-General: Oh, I know, my Lord. All I said was, this is the first we have heard of him in this case, but, we know, and your Lordship shall see him, and Diamond [Dymond] also. The Commissioner: He may help to clear this up. The Attorney-General: Yes, it has to be cleared up. The Commissioner: I am in a difficulty about this boat at present. Is Cavell gone? The Attorney-General: I am afraid he has, but we can have him back. The Commissioner: I wish you would keep him in sight so that we can see him again if necessary. 6645. (The Attorney-General.) Yes, my Lord. He was one of those who were released yesterday. We will take care to get him again. (To the Witness.) Do you know a man named Noss? - No. 6646. Or Clark? - No. 6647. In the boat with you as part of the crew? - No. 6648. Did you hear the officer shout out, “Stand back; women first” when the rush came? - No. 6649. I will put this story to you. Your Lordship will see I must call the witness later. “As we were being lowered several of the foreign passenger men rushed for the boat.” That is what this witness says. That is right, is it not? - Yes. 6650. And did the officer shout out when the rush was made, “Stand back; women first.” - I did not hear him. 6651. Well, he must have shouted out something, must he not? - I did not hear him shout it. 6652. Did you hear him give any order? - No. 6653. Not when the rush was made for the boat? - Not after Mr. Murdoch said “Fill the boat up.” I never heard any order after that. 6654. I am going to put it to you that you are making a mistake as to the time, if you will follow what I am going to suggest to you. I am putting to you that what really happened was that the rush that was made for the boat of which you have spoken was before Mr. Murdoch’s order. Let me put to you the story. Just follow this: that there was a rush of a number of passengers for the boat, and Mr. Murdoch then shouted out “Stand back! Women first!” that you then proceeded to take in all the women and children that were there? - That is correct. 6655. That is correct? - Yes. 6656. That is what I put to you before, you know. Then there was a rush made for the boat before the officer called out “Stand back! Women first!”? - Yes. 6657. And then where was that that the rush was made? - When she came down to A deck. 6658. And then did you take in women and children? - Yes. 6659. How many? - What I told you before. 6660. The four and the three? - Yes. That is the only deck we took them in. 6661. I must put to you that you took in at that deck 22 women and children. Is that right? - No. 6662. Was it after that that Mr. Murdoch called out, “Is that boat full?” - Yes. 6663. Did you hear persons shouting out at the side of the boat whether there were any more women? - Yes. 6664. I mean not only the scouts who were sent to look for the women? - The man who was in charge on the deck was shouting out at the same time. 6665. Do you mean near the boat? - No, on the deck. The man that was looking after the deck, the officer - I do not know who he was - was shouting if there were any more women. 6666. Did you hear any reply made to that? - No.
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