Page 59 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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6607. Could you see the lights of the vessel? - Yes. 6608. Her electric lights? - Yes. 6609. Did you see her go down? - Well, yes, I saw her. 6610. Were her electric lights burning to the end - to the last? - Very near to the last. 6611. Did you see her actually founder? - I did not see her actually go down at the last. 6612. After she went down, did you hear cries? - Yes. 6613. Before she went down did you see a number of people in the stern of the vessel, on the poop? - No. 6614. When you heard the cries, did you make any attempt to reach them? - We pulled back and pulled round. 6615. Did you? - Yes. 6616. Did you get near anybody - No, we never saw anyone. 6617. Did you try to reach anybody? - We pulled around the district, around the ship. 6618. (The Commissioner.) Your boat was nearly full? - Yes, we could not take many more. It was down in the water as it was. 6619. (The Attorney-General.) Supposing you had got to anybody, could you have taken them on board your boat? - Yes, we might have got them in, but there was not much room for anybody there. 6620. What? - There was not much room to pick up anybody. 6621. Was your boat far down in the water? - Yes, right to the gunwales. 6622. Did you see anybody on the deck or on the ship without a lifebelt? - No. 6623. Do you mean everybody had one? - Everybody I saw had one on. 6624. A lifebelt? - Yes. 6625. Can you give me the names of any one of the men who went to look for women and children? - I could not. 6626. Did you know any of them? - No. 6627. (The Commissioner.) Did those men get into the boat? - That I could not say. 6628. (The Attorney-General.) Did you see at all in what direction they went to look for the women and children? - They went round the deck on the port side on A deck. 6629. On the same deck? - Yes. 6630. Did they go to any other deck? - I do not think so. 6631. Why not? - That I could not say. I could not tell you why they did not. 6632. Then apparently, if I understand you, all that they did was to go round to the port side of the A deck and see whether there were any women and children there? - They went on both sides of A deck. 6633. On both sides of A deck? - Yes. 6634. Do you mean along the deck? - Yes. 6635. (The Commissioner.) Do you think they went not to find them? - No, they shouted pretty well all round. 6636. They were shouting, were they? - Yes. 6637. What were they shouting? - “Any more women and children for the boat.” 6638. Were they shouting properly so that they could be heard? - So that anybody could hear them on the next deck. 6639. You heard them yourself? - Yes. 6640. And they could have been heard on the next deck? - Everywhere. 6641. (The Attorney-General.) Did you see any stewards or any men helping the women from the second-class deck on to A deck? - No. 6642. Have you seen Jack Stewart since you were in the boat with him which eventually was picked up by the “Carpathia”? - Not since I left Southampton.
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