Page 58 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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6575. It struck you as rather odd, did it not, that after the order that was given, “Women and children in the boats,” that you should have so many men? - Well, they were pretty well all cleared off that deck. 6576. Did you think when the vessel left that there were no more women on board? - No. 6577. Well, you knew there were some women left? - Well, I should imagine so. 6578. But you knew that the order was that the women were to go into the boat first and this was the last boat? - Yes. 6579. On the starboard side that is - we are speaking altogether of the starboard side? - Yes. 6580. (The Commissioner.) If these were all practically men, did it not strike you that you were not doing what you ought to do? You were not taking the women first. Did not that occur to you? - Well, of course, we took all the women who were there. We could not find any more. 6581. You took all the women that were on that deck opposite to that boat, but you knew that there were hundreds elsewhere. You knew that, I suppose? - Well, I imagined there would be some more. 6582. (The Attorney-General.) Why did not you go to look for them? - Well, because there were other people looking for them. 6583. But not at the time the men were being passed into the boat? - Yes, they were shouting out round the decks. 6584. Do you mean that when the scouts who went round that you have told us about, whilst the scouts were away, the men were getting into the boat? - No, not till the men came back. 6585. When the men came back and said there were no women? - No, Mr. Murdoch said, “Fill your boat up with what you have got there - men.” 6586. After that did anybody go to look for women? - No. 6587. Was there a rush to get into this boat? - No, not particularly. 6588. “Not particularly” means there was some rush? - Well, there was a bit of a rush at the last, yes. 6589. Did the men seem anxious to get into the boat? - Yes. 6590. Pushing forward to get into the boat? - They all seemed anxious to get in. 6591. Alarmed because it was the last boat on that side? - Well, I do not know; I could not say whether they were alarmed. 6592. It looked like it, did it not? - Yes. 6593. Was the vessel then very much down by the head? - Yes, she was. 6594. Was she well listed over to port? - Yes, she had a slight list to port. 6595. Do you know a man called Diamond [Dymond]? - No. 6596. Do you know who took charge of the boat? - A man called Jack Stewart. 6597. What was he? - A steward; he was a steward called Stewart. 6598. A man who was a steward, whose name was Jack Stewart? - Yes. 6599. (The Commissioner.) He is alive? - Yes. The Commissioner: Who is he? 6600. (The Attorney-General.) This is the first we have heard of him, my Lord. (To the Witness.) Who rowed? - Nearly everybody rowed who could get to the oars. I rowed for one. 6601. (The Commissioner.) You do not mean to tell me 60 or 70 people rowed? - No, everybody who could get to the oars. It was difficult. 6602. I thought you said nearly everybody? - Well, pretty well; they took turns. 6603. (The Attorney-General.) When this boat No. 15 was lowered what did you do? Did you go and lie off? - Yes. 6604. Did you wait? - Yes, we waited off. 6605. Could you see people on board? - No. 6606. How far off did you go? - About 500 or 600 yards.
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