Page 56 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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6539. (The Attorney-General.) Can you give us any idea of how many of the 68 who went into this boat No. 15 were women, and how many were men? - Four or five women and three children. 6540. And all the rest men? - Yes. 6541. That is about 61 men? - Yes. The Commissioner: This seems quite contrary to the other evidence. The Attorney-General: Yes, my Lord. 6542. (The Commissioner.) Now I want to be clear about this. Are you now talking about boat No. 15? - Yes. 6543. And where was it? Show it to me on that model? - (The Witness pointed out the place on the model.) 6544. (The Attorney-General.) There is no doubt about that, my Lord. Will your Lordship allow me to put one question to him to make it clear he is speaking of the same boat, No. 15. (To the Witness.) When No. 15 was lowered did you very nearly swamp another boat? - Yes, No. 13. 6545. You very nearly came on top of No. 13? - Yes. 6546. (The Commissioner.) How long were you at No. 15 boat? - When? 6547. When the passengers or whoever they were were going on board, how long were you there? - 10 minutes possibly - 10 or 15 minutes. 6548. How many people got on in 10 or 15 minutes? - We were about 10 or 15 minutes there before we started to take on anybody at all - when they were looking for the women and children. 6549. As I understand, first of all you got on a small number? - Yes. 6550. And then you sent out what you call three or four scouts? - Yes. 6551. And they came back and said there were no women or children to be found? - Yes. 6552. Then did men begin to go on board the boat? - Not until Mr. Murdoch gave the orders from above. 6553. And what order was it he gave? - He said, “There are no more women and children; fill your boat up and lower away.” 6554. (The Attorney-General.) Could you tell whether the women who were on board were first-class or second-class or third-class passengers? - I think they were third. 6555. Who, the men? - The women. The Attorney-General: I am asking now about the four women he said he put on. Why do you say that? - Well, I could not swear. 6556. What makes you think it? I want you to tell the Court what your reason is? - I fancy from the way they were dressed. In fact, I know one was, because she told me on the “Carpathia” that she had lost her husband. 6557. Could you tell whether there were any Irish women amongst them? - No. 6558. You could not tell? - No, because they were all in the middle of the boat and I was in the bows of the boat. The Commissioner: I do not know how this witness Cavell can have made a mistake. The Attorney-General: No, if your Lordship looks at page 109 - The Commissioner: I am looking at it now. The Attorney-General: It is very difficult to understand. The Commissioner:. He is being examined by the Solicitor-General, and this is what he says: “(4353) And then you are lowered to the lower deck, and you take in, you think, about 60? - (A.) Yes. That would make about 70” - that would be the 60 and the seven, you know? - “(A.) Yes. (Q.) Do you say that you took in everybody who came at that time at the lower deck? - (A.) Yes.” The Attorney-General: He corrected that later.
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