Page 55 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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the boat? - Yes. 6509. Did you try to find any more women and children? - Yes. 6510. What did you do? - They sent scouts all round the port side and the starboard side looking for them. 6511. You say you sent scouts; have you any idea how many men went? - Three or four. 6512. Did you yourself go? - No, I was on the rail, passing the women and children on board. 6513. Did these men come back who had been out looking for the women and children? - Yes. 6514. How long after? - Three or four minutes - four or five minutes. 6515. Three or four or five minutes after they had started to look for the women and children? - Yes. They went on the port side. There was no one to be seen on the starboard side, the side we were on. 6516. No one at all? - No, only those who were round the boat. 6517. Do you mean no one at all, or no women and children? - No one at all, no women and children. I did not encounter anyone until I came downstairs; the deck was perfectly clear. 6518. Then did they find any women and children? - Only these three or four. 6519. We have heard of those - I mean after they went to look for them? - No. 6520. When they came back, what did they say? - There were no more. 6521. (The Commissioner.) They said there were no more? - No more on the deck. 6522. Does that mean no more women and children? - Yes. 6523. (The Attorney-General.) When there were no more women and children, what orders were given to you? - Mr. Murdoch said, “Fill the boat up; take in what you have got there, and lower away.” 6524. “Take in what you have got there.” What do you mean by that? Those already in the boat? - No, whoever was at the ship’s side. 6525. Was she lowered to any other deck before she was lowered to the water? - No, she filled up from A deck. 6526. (The Attorney-General.) That does not quite agree with Cavell’s story at page 108, question 4334. It is said that after you had taken passengers in at A deck the boat was then lowered to the 3rd class. Your Lordship will remember he pointed out on the model. (To the Witness.) Is that right? - She could not take anyone in below A deck. 6527. Which are you referring to as A deck? - The deck below the boat deck. 6528. The deck immediately below the boat deck? - Yes. 6529. Have you any idea how many got into the boat altogether? - Sixty-eight. 6530. Is that including passengers and crew? - Yes. 6531. That is all told? - Yes. 6532. From first to last? - Yes. 6533. Could you get any more into the boat? - No. 6534. Were there any other boats left besides yours? - No, that was the last in the davits. 6535. Then yours was the last boat to leave on the starboard side? - Yes. The Commissioner: That is No. 15. The Attorney-General: Yes my Lord. The Witness: 11 and 13 were in the water; we very nearly got on top of 13 lowering down. 6536. (The Attorney-General.) Yes, I am going to ask you about that in a moment. Did you leave any people standing on the deck when the boat was lowered? - Yes, there were some left behind. 6537. Was there any attempt on the part of those to get into the boat? - There was a bit of a rush at the last when they said “lower away.” 6538. (The Commissioner.) What were these people left behind? Were they men or women or what? - All men.
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