Page 53 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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Witness.) I want you to repeat the order you heard given about that boat? - “Stand off from the ship’s side and return when we call you.” 6454. “Stand off from the ship’s side and return when we call you”? - Yes. 6455. To whom was that order addressed? - To the people in the boat, I presume. 6456. To the people in No. 1 boat. Could you see how many there were in that boat at the time? - No. The Attorney-General: It was the one with seven of the crew and five passengers in, your Lordship will remember. 6457. (The Commissioner.) The emergency boat was in the water when you were at No. 3 boat? - Yes. 6458. And this emergency boat had been dropped from the forward end on the starboard side? - Yes. 6459. And someone, I do not know who, gave directions to this boat to stand off from the ship’s side and come back when called? - Yes. 6460. Who gave that order? - I could not say - some officer. 6461. (The Attorney-General.) Had you heard any other orders given to that No. 1 boat? - No. 6462. At this time, from what you have said, Mr. Ismay was standing close? - Yes, he was helping to get No. 3 out. 6463. Helping to get No. 3 boat out? - Yes. The Attorney-General: Your Lordship will remember this order. It is on page 119, question 5011. Hendrickson’s answer is practically to the same effect. The words are, “He was told to stand off a little way and come back when called.” The Commissioner: Yes, it is to the same effect. 6464. (The Attorney-General - To the Witness.) Was Mr. Ismay dressed at this time? - No, he had his slippers and a light overcoat on and no hat. 6465. Slippers, light overcoat and no hat? - Yes. 6466. You said he was helping. What was he doing? - He was just the same as any of the crew; he was doing all he could to assist to get the boats out. 6467. You saw passengers get in. Did you hear any refuse to get in? - No. 6468. Can you give us any idea how many people there were in this boat No. 3 before she was lowered? - No, I could not give you that, because I was a good way from her at the stern of the boat. 6469. You were at the stern? - Yes, at the fall. 6470. Did you see this boat lowered at all to A deck? - No, I think she went right into the water. 6471. (The Commissioner.) This is No. 3? - Yes; she could not take her passengers on at A deck. 6472. (The Attorney-General.) She could not? - No. 6473. That was because of the windows, I suppose? - Yes, closed in. 6474. What did you do after you saw this boat lowered? - I assisted in the next one. 6475. Which was that? - No. 5. They passed the cover down and I threw it on one side clear of the falls. Then I met some of the pantrymen coming up with provisions for the boat, and I placed all the provisions round to pretty well each boat on the deck. 6476. What do you mean by provisions? What provisions? - A box of biscuits and some bread. 6477. A box of biscuits and some bread, do you mean, to each boat? - Yes. 6478. Did you stay with No. 5 until she was lowered? - No, I went on with the bread and the biscuits. 6479. After helping No. 5 you then went further aft. Did you go to the next boat? - No, I distributed the bread all round - the biscuits and bread to each boat.
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