Page 52 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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6418. Was there any water in your cabin - any sign of water coming into your cabin at all? - No. 6419. When you got up to the boat deck did you get any other order? - No, as I passed up the staircase, I got to A deck and I saw Mr. McElroy the purser, and Mr. Dodd, the Second Steward. I thought to receive some orders from them, but there were no orders given, and I passed on to the next deck, the boat deck. It was on A deck I saw them. They were in deep conversation. 6420. On the boat deck did you get any order? - No. 6421. Did you get any order about provisions for the boats? - No. 6422. What did you do next? - I went forward to No. 3; I went forward till I got to No. 3. 6423. Did you know your station? - Yes. 6424. Was No. 3 boat your station? - No, No. 15. We got the number as we passed up through the pantry from the boat list. 6425. I want to understand that. There was a boat list? - Yes. 6426. Had you seen that before this night? - Yes. 6427. Where was that? - In the saloon pantry. 6428. And did that tell you your station? - Yes. 6429. Was your station 15? - Yes. 6430. Then when you came up you did not go to boat 15, you went forward to boat 3? - Yes. 6431. Why was that? - Well, I just merely went forward to see what they were doing, and my curiosity took me forward to see if I could hear any more of the damage, and I got busy at No. 3. 6432. Was the vessel at all down by the head then? Did you notice? - Yes, slightly. 6433. Boat No. 3 was on the starboard side? - Yes, starboard side forward. 6434. It was the second boat? - The second boat. 6435. Next to the emergency boat? - Yes. 6436. When you got there were any passengers there? - Well, of course there were some passengers, and some of the crew getting her ready. 6437. Was she being uncovered? - Had she been uncovered at that time? - She was entirely uncovered, and ready for lowering almost. 6438. She was almost ready for lowering? - Yes. 6439. Were there any passengers in at that time? - There were some in it. 6440. Were they men or women in the boat? - Women. 6441. Any children? - I could not say; I was a good way off. 6442. Were there any men in the boat? - I think so. 6443. Could you tell whether they were crew or passengers? - Mostly passengers, that I saw. 6444. In the boat? - Yes. Mr. Ismay was seeing them into No. 3 boat. 6445. (The Attorney-General.) I think this is the first time we have had No. 3 boat, my Lord. (To the Witness.) Was any officer superintending? - Yes. 6446. Who? - I think it was Mr. Lowe; I am not sure. It was a junior officer. I do not know him. 6447. Was there any confusion? - No. 6448. Everything was going on quietly and regularly? - Yes. 6449. Were the boats lowered from the boat deck to the A deck? - No, they took their passengers on from the boat deck. 6450. I said the boats. Did you see the No. 1 boat? - No. 1 would be in the water at that time. 6451. That was the emergency boat? - Because I heard an order given: “Stand off from the ship’s side and come to when we call you.” That was when No. 1 boat was in the water. 6452. I should like to get that clear. No. 1 boat was the emergency boat; the forward boat on the starboard side of the ship? - Yes. 6453. It was the boat in which Hendrickson was, the last witness yesterday, my Lord. (To the
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