Page 50 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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(The Witness withdrew.) The Solicitor-General: You will see, my Lord, now that Mr. Wilding has put on that model the mark which indicates the waterline, as best he can estimate it at this time. The Commissioner: Yes, I see that. SAMUEL JAMES RULE, Sworn. Examined by the ATTORNEY-GENERAL. 6367. You were bathroom steward on board the “Titanic”? - Yes. 6368. Did you join her at Southampton? - Yes. 6369. As bathroom steward? - Yes. 6370. Did you hear anything at all about being in the neighbourhood of ice before the collision? - No. 6371. Where were you at the time of the collision? - In my bed. 6372. Were you asleep? - Yes. 6373. Would you help us to find out where you were from the plan? Where did you sleep? - On E deck. 6374. What part of E deck? - The afterpart. It is an eight-berthed room; eight people slept in it - the saloon steward, and the lounge steward, and deck steward - 6375. Was it starboard or port side? - Port side. It is next door to the chef’s room. 6376. Was it forward or aft of the chef? - Forward, the same passage. The chef went past our door in that passage way. 6377. Who were the men who were with you in this berth? - At the time? 6378. Yes, what were they? Storekeepers? - No. The Linen Keeper, the Smoke Room Steward, the Deck Steward, the Lounge Steward, and the Second Bedroom Steward, and the Bathroom Steward, myself. 6379. Was there any other eight-berthed cabin close there? - No, the next one is twelve. The Attorney-General: Your Lordship will see where it is if you look just forward of the “Engine casing” on the port side. Your Lordship has the room where Joughin was. Forward of that there is the chef and forward of that again there is a berth and in front of that another one. “Twelve superior stewards.” It is the one which has the eight in, and it is marked “One barkeeper, six storekeepers,” and something else. The Commissioner: Are you sure it is there? The Attorney-General: It must be from what he says, because it is just abaft the twelve. 6380. (The Commissioner.) I can see the big berth a little further on. (To the Witness.) How many were there in yours? - Eight. The Attorney-General: That is why it fixes it, my Lord. The Commissioner: I see in the one I am looking at there are a great many more. 6381. (The Attorney-General.) This is the only eight one there. (To the Witness.) Were you asleep? - Yes. 6382. What woke you? - The stoppage of the engines. 6383. Did you feel any shock before that? - No. 6384. How many of you were there in the cabin at the time? - Three. 6385. All turned in? - Yes. 6386. Did you all wake together? - Yes, pretty well, I think. If they did not I woke them myself.
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