Page 5 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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5286. Did he give you any orders? - He told us to go below and get bread from the baker’s shop. 5287. And did you do that? - I did. 5288. Did you find any bread? - No. 5289. Did you then go up to the boat deck? - Yes. 5290. Did you know your boat station? - I did. 5291. Had you seen a boat list? - I had. 5292. When had you seen the boat list first? - In the first-class pantry. 5293. But when? - On Thursday. 5294. Which was your boat? - Port 16. 5295. That was the aftermost boat on the port side? - Yes. 5296. Did you go to that boat? - I did. 5297. Was there an officer directing operations there? - Well, I could not tell you that. 5298. Was there some one who seemed to be in charge? - Well, I believe there was a sailor or quartermaster; I could not swear who it was. 5299. And were the passengers being put into that boat? - Yes. 5300. Were they put in on the boat deck or was the boat lowered to another deck? - No, put in on the boat deck. 5301. Were any orders given about who was to be put in? - Women and children first. 5302. Did you help to put them in? - I did. 5303. Was the boat lowered then? - I did not stand by 16 all the time. 5304. Did you see No. 16 lowered? - No, it was being lowered away while I was standing by No. 14. 5305. Could you say how full 16 was when you saw it? - It looked pretty full to me, but I could not swear to the number. 5306. Did you see anyone refused who wished to get into boat 16? - The women and children were crying and we had great trouble to get the women into the boats. 5307. You had great trouble in putting them in? - Yes, we had to push them in. 5308. Did any men try to get in? - Not in 16; they did in 14. 5309. Fourteen was the next boat you went to? - Yes. 5310. And in that boat some men tried to get? - Yes, some third-class passengers who were foreigners. 5311. Did they succeed in getting in? - No. 5312. Was there an officer in charge of No. 14? - Well, there was in the last part, when the boat was pretty well full, Officer Lowe came along. 5313. Did you get into boat No. 14? - After I was called. 5314. You were told to do so? - Yes. 5315. Was that by the Fifth Officer, Mr. Lowe? - Yes. 5316. Were any other members of the crew in that boat? - I think there were two firemen, two sailors, and I think there were two more stewards besides myself. 5317. That would make seven members of the crew altogether? - Yes. 5318. (The Commissioner.) Three stewards; did you say, two firemen? - I believe there were two firemen, but I could not swear. 5319. And two sailors? - Yes. 5320. (Mr. Raymond Asquith.) Do you know the names of any of them? - No. 5321. How many women and children had you. Can you say at all? - Well, I counted 53 when we pulled away from the “Titanic.” 5322. You counted 53? - Yes. 5323. Fifty-three women and children apart from the men? - Yes.
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