Page 46 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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6280. Were his orders being carried out? - Yes. 6281. Was the sea, as you have described it, like a pond? - Yes. 6282. And when this boat was full, or nearly full, did Mr. Wilde pick out the men to go in her to look after her? - Yes, he said “I want oarsmen.” 6283. How many did he want? - He picked out two sailors and a steward. 6284. Three of them went with the boat? - As far as I know. I did not see any more. 6285. Had you heard that help was given or was expected? - We all knew - at least the word was passed round - that there were four or five ships rushing to us. The word was passed round, but there was nothing official. 6286. But you knew pretty well that help was expected and was coming? - Yes. 6287. And with the sea as it was, do you think three men were enough to keep this boat afloat? - I did under the circumstances, because there was no necessity for rowing. They were only there to calm the women, I thought. 6288. Calm the women and keep the boat floating until help arrived? - Yes. 6289. Was that the idea, do you think which Mr. Wilde was carrying out? - I do not know what he thought. 6290. Then there is another matter I want to ask you about. As to water, you say, as I understand, you only saw water on the alleyway? - I did not see it in the alleyway; I saw it in my room. My room is in what we call the skin of the ship, and the water was on the lower port side, just enough to cover my feet, that was all. 6291. The Commissioner: Your room is against the skin of the ship? - Yes. 6292. On the port side? - Yes. 6293. And the water that you are talking about was on the port side of your room? - Yes, the extreme port side. 6294. Did the water extend over the whole of the floor of your room? - Oh, yes, but the bulk of it was on the port side. 6295. You have said it was deep enough to come to your ankles; Where was it deep enough to come to your ankles? - On the port side. 6296. On the side which was nearest amidships, what water was there there? - I could not say, but I suppose a fraction less, that is all. 6297. (Mr. Laing.) Was there enough to wet your feet, and that sort of thing? - Yes, that is all. 6298. You have told us that you saw some men coming along to close the watertight doors on the alleyway? - Yes. 6299. Do you know who the men were? - No. 6300. Was it the last time that you were in the alleyway that you saw them coming? - Yes. 6301. And were they closing these doors? - They were setting about it. 6302. (The Commissioner.) With spanners? - Yes, one large spanner. The spanner is alongside the door in a click ready for use. 6303. (Mr. Laing.) The spanner is kept there so that anybody can use it? - Yes. 6304. That was the last time you were down the alleyway? - The last time I was on E deck. Re-examined by the SOLICITOR-GENERAL. The Solicitor-General: I think, in view of this last bit of evidence about the water, it is worthwhile finding out where this witness’s room is. The Commissioner: Exactly. 6305. (The Solicitor-General - To the Witness.) Your room is on E deck, I understand? - On E deck, amidships. The Solicitor-General: Has your Lordship got the plan we have called No. 3?
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