Page 45 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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6250. A tumbler half-full of liqueur? - Yes. 6251. When you were on the poop did you see anybody attempting to come up on to the poop after you - following you up? - It was an impossibility for them to get on to the poop. 6252. Are there no ladders going on to the poop? - But the ship was like that. (Showing.) The ladders would be astern. The people were all on the port side in one bunch. There was nobody on the starboard side; in fact you could not see. 6253. It has been stated that she turned practically perpendicular. I want to ask your opinion about that, because I think it is very important. Did you see the propellers come out of the water at all? - She was not far out of the water at any stage that I saw. 6254. So that to say that she stood up like that - (showing.) - would be wrong? - It would be absolutely wrong. 6255. She simply glided away? - She went down that fashion (showing.) It was a glide. There was no great shock, or anything. 6256-66. She simply glided away? - She simply glided away. 6267. When you got into the water and had swum to the collapsible boat you were pushed off, you say? - Yes. 6268. Who pushed you off? - I do not know. 6269. Did you say anything when you were pushed off? - No. 6270. You made no statement to anyone? - No. 6271. What condition were you in when you got to the “Carpathia”? - I was all right barring my feet, they were swelled. 6272. Were you able to walk up the ladder? - No. 6273. How did you get up? - On my knees. (After a short Adjournment.) Examined by Mr. LAING. Mr. Laing: May I mention a matter to your Lordship. The White Star Line will gladly welcome any gentleman who is appearing here in Court on behalf of those to whom your Lordship has allowed representation, to visit the “Olympic” on Monday at twelve o’clock, if they can conveniently be there at that time. The Commissioner: The gentlemen do not appear to be all here at present, but I will mention it in a quarter of an hour or so, when I see them here. Mr. Laing: We desire to extend a welcome to those gentlemen who are appearing here in Court on behalf of the representation your Lordship has allowed. The Commissioner: Yes, I understand. 6274. (Mr. Laing - To the Witness.) With regard to questions which have already been asked you about your boat No. 10, you, as I understand, were captain of that boat and had a crew of some seven hands allotted to No. 10? - That was only out of the kitchen department. 6275. Seven of your department were allotted? - That is seven out of the kitchen and the bakery and butchers’ department. That does not constitute the crew. 6276. You were the captain and there were seven of your department allotted to that boat? - Seven out of three departments, that is the cooking, baking, and butchering departments. 6277. When you got up on the boat deck you were there, and were your seven people there too? - Yes. 6278. And was Mr. Wilde the Chief Officer, there? - Yes. 6279. And was Mr. Wilde having this boat filled with women and children? - Yes, those were his orders.
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