Page 4 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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application.) Sir Robert Finlay: With regard to the witness in the box, Hendrickson, I am informed that the surviving officers will arrive at Queenstown this morning and Liverpool tomorrow morning. Under those circumstances I should ask your Lordship’s permission to adjourn the cross- examination of this witness until Tuesday, when there will be an opportunity of getting any information which any of them may be able to give with regard to his evidence. The Commissioner: I think that is reasonable. Will you, Mr. Attorney-General, let your junior prepare for me a list of boats with the crews they had on them and the number of passengers, and, if he can give it to me, the proportion of men to women. The Attorney-General: Yes. The Commissioner: I do not think, so far, the evidence has attempted to distinguish between classes - I do not quite see how it could. The Attorney-General: No. We are attempting to do that, we are doing it ourselves as we proceed. Of course, it is not possible to do it properly until we have called a few more witnesses. The Commissioner: No, it is not. The Attorney-General: Then your Lordship shall have it. I quite appreciate that you want it; you want the boats. The Commissioner: Yes, the numbers of the boats and giving me the effect of the evidence as to how each boat was manned, and what number it carried, and what the proportion of men to women was. The Attorney-General: Yes, we can give the reference also to the evidence. I do not know whether your Lordship sees this piece of white paper; I understand Mr. Wilding has put it here. (Pointing on the model.) Your Lordship will remember these pieces. The Commissioner: I have not seen that piece. The Attorney-General: This is a new piece. This is a piece carrying out what was said by Hendrickson yesterday so as to show the spot at which the water was coming in. The Commissioner: When he was looking down the spiral staircase? The Attorney-General: Yes, Mr. Wilding has placed that there, I understand. Sir Robert Finlay: Yes. The Attorney-General: It is so much easier to fix it in one’s mind. FRANK HERBERT MORRIS, Sworn. Examined by Mr. RAYMOND ASQUITH. 5275. Is your name Frank Herbert Morris? - Yes. 5276. And were you first-class bath-room steward on the “Titanic”? - Yes. 5277. At the time of the collision I think you were asleep? - Correct. 5278. Were you wakened by the shock? - No. Were you called by someone? - Yes. 5279. By another steward? - By the saloon steward. 5280. Were you told to get up and dress and go on deck? - Yes. 5281. Did you dress and take your lifebelt? - No, I did not dress right away; I sat on my bunk for a while; then the second steward came in and told us to go on deck. 5282. How long was that after the collision, do you know? - I could not swear to the time. 5283. About how long? - About ten minutes or a quarter of an hour. 5284. Did you go up to the boat deck? - Yes. 5285. Did you meet anyone on the way? - I met the second steward.
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