Page 39 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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would be one of the 10. 6107. Did you swim to it, and were you taken in? - Yes, I was taken in. 6108. You have said you thought it was about two hours before you saw this collapsible, and then you spent some time with the collapsible. How long do you suppose it was after you got to the collapsible that you were taken into the lifeboat? - I should say we were on the collapsible about half an hour. 6109. That means that for some two and a half hours you were in the water? - Practically, yes. 6110. We may be able to identify this boat? - I do not know it. The Attorney-General: We can identify it, I think. 6111. (The Solicitor-General.) This lifeboat that took you aboard - did it also take some men off the collapsible? - Yes. 6112. How many? - I could not tell you, Sir. 6113. You did not notice? - I climbed in and then she went alongside the collapsible afterwards, after I had got in, but I did not notice how many she took. 6114. Do you know an able seaman named Lucas? - No, Sir. 6115. Who has given some evidence here? - No. 6116. Can you tell me this. Did this lifeboat that took you aboard, and also took some others aboard, keep you in it until you got to the “Carpathia,” or were any people transferred? - All kept in it till we got to the “Carpathia.” 6117. You do not know who was in command of the boat that picked you up? - Mr. Lightoller left the collapsible and then took charge of the boat till we reached the “Carpathia.” 6118. And you say the collapsible kept company with the lifeboat, did it? - I do not know what became of that afterwards, Sir. It was half under water while we were on it. I do not know whether it righted itself. I do not know what became of it at all. 6119. After you and some of the others were taken on board this lifeboat, did that lifeboat rescue any other people that you know of? - No, Sir; it could not have done. 6120. It was too full? - It was filled right up. 6121. There was just room for Lightoller to get on board and take command? - There was only room for Mr. Lightoller to stand on the forward part. He had to stand on top and give orders. 6122. There was Mr. Lightoller and there was yourself. Do you know whether it took others on board, and how many? - It took a few more off the collapsible, but I did not recognise them. 6123. And this boat into which you got, the boat Lightoller took command of, what were the people who were in it - women, or men or what? - Mostly women. Bride was one that I recognised. 6124. The Marconi operator? - The Marconi boy. He was one that was taken off the same collapsible. 6125. He was on this collapsible, was he? - Yes, Bride and Maynard. Those two I recognised. 6126. Maynard was the cook? - Yes. Examined by Mr. SCANLAN. 6127. Do you know whether any of the crew assigned to this boat, No. 10, went with her? - I do not know. 6128. You were captain of it? - I was supposed to be the captain of it. 6129. Can you give any explanation of the fact that from the evidence of yourself and most of the witnesses it does not appear that practically any of the men went with the boats to which they were stationed? - Of course I could not say about other boats, but I know I sung out the names of all the victualling department connected with the boat, and they were every man there. 6130. If there had been a boat drill or a boat muster, would it have helped the members of the
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