Page 31 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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The Commissioner: Yes. The Witness: No. 4 boat I think it was. 5892. What was No. 4 boat? - The boat I got into. 5893. (The Solicitor-General.) How do you know? - I asked a sailor after I got on the “Carpathia” what the numbers of the boats were. 5894. The other boats had gone? - This boat came back. 5895. (The Commissioner.) I thought I might have made a mistake about the number. I thought when he came up on the boat deck there were only two boats left? - Yes. The Commissioner: And I thought they were Nos. 14 and 16. The Attorney-General: Yes, 14 and 16. The Witness: They were loaded away, Sir. We never got into those two boats. The Commissioner: Were the two boats that were left Nos.. 14 and 16? 5896. (The Attorney-General.) I think we had better get it quite clear. (To the Witness.) When you got to the port side there were two boats? - Two boats left. 5897. As I understand from all you said, the aftermost boats on the port side? - Yes. 5898. You did not get into either of those? - No. 5899. Those were just going away? - No. 5900. What happened? - I saw them rush to the ship’s side from there. I went over to the starboard side again, and then we come back again. 5901. You came back again to the starboard side? - We came back from the starboard side to the port side again. 5902. When you came back to the starboard side there was nothing there, and you went back again to the port side? - Yes. 5903. The boats had gone away? - Yes. 5904. And then you found someone who called out that he wanted two more men? - Yes, right. 5905. And then you climbed up the davits and got down? - Yes, and that boat was No. 4. 5906. (The Commissioner.) Then you were pulled into No. 4 boat? - Yes. The Commissioner: Yes, that is quite right, and that agrees with Grainger’s [Ranger’s] evidence. Mr. Edwards was quite right to call attention to it; it has saved confusion. (The Witness withdrew.) CHARLES JOUGHIN, Sworn. Examined by the SOLICITOR-GENERAL. 5907. Were you chief baker on the “Titanic”? - Yes. 5908. What was the staff of bakers under you? - Thirteen. 5909. Thirteen, and yourself as chief baker? - Yes. 5910. At the time when this accident happened, were you off duty? - Yes. 5911. In your bunk? - Yes. 5912. Did the shock wake you up? - I felt the shock and immediately got up. 5913. I do not think we need find the place exactly, but tell us, more or less, are your quarters in the aft or the fore part of the ship? - Amidship on the port side. 5914. Did you hear orders given which affected you? - No, Sir, just general orders - orders passed down from the top deck to the lower deck. 5915. You heard orders being passed down from the top deck to the lower deck? - Yes, what we call general orders. 5916. Those are called general orders, are they? - Yes.
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