Page 28 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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5846. When you got there did you see any passengers? - I never noticed any. 5847. Did you go to the third-class cabin aft or forward? - Aft. The lifebelts are kept in a locker in an alleyway. 5848. I would rather like to know what you did; I think it would be of some assistance to know what you did when you went to this third-class compartment. Did you have to pass along the cabins of the third-class? - Yes, you have to go right along the cabins. 5849. Is it on the same floor as the alleyway? - Yes. 5850. Your engine room opens upon the alleyway? - Yes. 5851. That is deck E. I think it is rather important to see where he went, my Lord. (To the Witness.) Then you passed along aft? - Yes. 5852. And along that alleyway are there third-class cabins both to port and starboard of you? - I do not know about that. As we are going aft there are cabins on the right-hand side, that would be the port side. 5853. It may be that there are not cabins on the starboard side of that alleyway? - That would be the port side, as I am walking aft; that is the right hand side of me. 5854. That we have got clear. If you pass along aft along that alleyway, on your right hand side, as you are walking aft, and therefore on the port side of the vessel, there are the third-class cabins? - Yes. 5855. Are there any on your left hand side as you are walking? - I cannot say. 5856. I do not make out there are? - I think that is the post office and hatchways. 5857. Yes; that is quite right. Now I want to know how far aft you went in order to get to this locker where the lifebelts were kept? - Not very far. 5858. Have you any idea how far? - No, I have not an idea of the distance. 5859. Do you remember, as you were walking aft, was the locker on your right hand side or on your left? - I cannot say, because we had to go up a little alleyway to it and turn round again. It was the first time I had ever been there. There are several alleyways there. 5860. (The Commissioner.) The alleyways down to the third-class berths? - Yes. 5861. (The Attorney-General.) Did you go up them? - No, I went straight along on the same alleyway. 5862. Just give us an idea; how many of the entrances to the berths do you think you passed? - About four alleyways, I think. The Attorney-General: Your Lordship sees how the cabins run. The Commissioner: I do. Did he pass the end of four alleyways? 5863. (The Attorney-General.) Yes, he passed the end of four alleyways. The third-class passengers would have to go down these alleyways to go to their berths? - Yes. 5864. You did not go down there? - No, I passed right along. 5865 And you passed three or four of these? - Yes, I think it is about three or four. 5866. That is the part of the third-class where the women and children were? - Yes. 5867. Did you see any women and children along there at all? - No. 5868. Either where you passed or looking further aft or further forward? - No, I never saw anybody. 5869. (The Commissioner.) Were the doors of the cabins open? - I cannot say. 5870. You did not go down the alley? - No. The Commissioner: Will you ask him if the watertight doors are automatic there? 5871. (The Attorney-General.) I am going to ask some questions about that. I am going to ask some general questions about that, because we have not had it yet, and he may be able to help us. (To the Witness.) With regard to the water-tight doors, you have told us about those which close down automatically from the bridge, on to the inner bottom? - Yes, with electricity. 5872. That is right - from the electric switch. What I want to know is this; there are a number
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