Page 226 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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10751. And No. 1 was still on the davits when No. 7 was being lowered? - To the best of my ability, yes. 10752. I understood you to say you did not see anyone put into No. 1 and cannot give any evidence about it? - No, no evidence at all. 10753. You eventually went to No. 11.? Describe what happened with regard to that? - No. 11 was lowered to A deck. 10754. First of all, were crew put into it on the boat deck? - No. 10755. No one put into it? - No. 10756. It was lowered to A deck? - It was lowered to A deck empty. 10757. Did you go down to A deck yourself? - No, the first order I heard given was, Mr. Wheat, the second assistant-steward, had an order from Mr. Murdoch to take charge of that boat. 10758. That was on the boat deck? - Yes. Steward Wilson and myself were ordered by Mr. Murdoch to collect all the women we could and take to that A deck, which we did. 10759. Did you collect women on the boat deck? - Yes, and we took them down the companion to A deck. 10760. About how many do you think you collected? - A matter of about 40 on A deck, we collected. 10761. On A deck? - Yes. 10762. But you told me you collected some from the boat deck? - Yes, I said a matter of about 40 on the boat deck. 10763. Which do you mean, the boat deck or the A deck? - The boat deck. We had our orders from the boat deck to collect all the women we possibly could. 10764. And you collected about 40 on the boat deck and took them down? - Yes. 10765. (The Commissioner.) And took them down to A deck? - Yes. 10766. (Mr. Raymond Asquith.) Did you collect any more on A deck? - Yes. 10767. How many more, about? - I cannot say; we collected a few more. I cannot tell you within two or three. 10768. I do not expect you to, but can you say roughly? - I can give you a rough estimate of what the boat carried. 10769. That is what I want to know? - That is counting men, women, and children, 74 to 78, counting nine children. 10770. (The Commissioner.) This is No. 11? - Yes. 10771. It took away 70 to 80, you say? - No, 74 to 78, counting nine children - not all adults. 10772. (Mr. Raymond Asquith.) You spoke of collecting some people on A deck itself? - Yes. 10773. When you say that, do you mean that you collected people who were already on A deck, or that you went to other parts of the ship and collected them there? - After we brought the people down from the boat deck that we collected, we filled up the boat from the A deck with passengers that were there. 10774-75. With the passengers that were already on A deck? - Yes. 10776. And you did not collect any others from other parts of the ship? - No. 10777. Can you say how many of that 74 or 78 that were in your boat were crew? - Yes, I could give you exactly - five stewards and one fireman rowing; the assistant second steward at the helm, two sailors, one forward and one aft. 10778. (The Commissioner.) Is that eight altogether? - No, that makes nine. 10779. (Mr. Raymond Asquith.) Nine, counting yourself? - I said five stewards, one fireman, two sailors (one forward and one aft), and the assistant second steward at the helm. 10780. (The Commissioner.) Then there were six stewards? - Well, one is the boss of the department; I hardly call him a steward. 10781. (Mr. Raymond Asquith.) Do you know the names of the sailors that were in the boat? - I
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