Page 225 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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10712. And did you go to No. 3? - Yes. 10713. Did you help to put people on board? - I did. 10714. Whom did you put on? - Women and children, and assisted one or two men. 10715. One or two men? - Yes. 10716. Why did you put men into the boat? - Because there were no other women there available to go, I suppose. 10717. The order was to put women and children in, was it not? - Quite right. 10718. When there were no women to go, you put in some men? - Yes. 10719. Can you say how many men you saw get into boat No. 3? - I cannot tell you. 10720. Can you give us any idea? - A matter of perhaps three or four; that is about all. 10721. After you had filled No. 3, I suppose that boat was lowered? - It was. 10722. What did you do next? - I helped to lower that boat. 10723. What did you do after it had been lowered? - Came along the line to No. 5. 10724. That was the next boat aft? - Yes. 10725. Did you help to fill and lower that? - No, pardon me, No. 7. 10726. You did not go to No. 5? - No. 7 went before No. 5. 10727. No. 7 went after No. 3? - Yes, to the best of my recollection. 10728. Did you put women and children into No. 7? - Yes. 10729. Any men into No. 7? - I believe so - a matter of one or two. I cannot state how many, for I do not know who were crew and who were passengers. 10730. After you had done that to No. 7 what did you do next? - I went back to No. 5. 10731. And did you do the same thing there? - No, I just watched the proceedings. 10732. What did you notice when you were watching the proceedings at No. 5? - She was filled up and lowered the same as the rest. 10733. Who were put into her? Could you see? - I could not say. 10734. Were they men or women? - Well, women, I suppose. 10735. Did you see? - Women, I said. 10736. You said “Women, I suppose.” Did you see? - Well, when I say women, I mean to say women were the majority. I cannot say how many men there were lowered in that boat. 10737. Can you say whether any men passengers were put into that boat? - I cannot say. It is a hard job to tell a passenger from the crew when they are just simply called up out of their bed with simply an overcoat on. 10738. I am not blaming you. After you had looked on at the loading of No. 5, what did you do next? - I went along to No. 9. 10739. Did you help there? - The same proceedings took place. 10740. Did you help to put people into No. 9? - No, I watched proceedings. 10741. Did the same thing happen there? Women were put in if there were women? - All the women and children were put in first, and to fill up the boat men came after. 10742. Eventually did you get to No. 11? - I did. 10743. The first boat you mentioned was No. 3? - Quite right. 10744. Had you been to No. 1 before that? - No. 1 was on the davits. 10745. Did you see who were in it? - Nobody. 10746. What happened next? Did you watch what was done to No. 1? - No, No. 1 was on the davits when I left No. 7. After that I cannot say. I cannot tell you when No. 1 was lowered. 10747. No. 1 was on the davits when No. 3 was being lowered? - Yes, to the best of my recollection. 10748. And there was no one in No. 1 at all? - No; no one stationed by it even. 10749. The order of events was that No. 3 was lowered first? - Yes. 10750. And then No. 7? - Yes, and then No. 5, and then No. 9, to the best of my ability.
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