Page 224 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
P. 224
10675. At the time the ship ran into the iceberg, were you in your quarters? - Yes. 10676. Were you playing cards? - I was playing bridge. 10677. Do you feel a shock? - Yes. 10678. Where were your quarters? - Amidships, practically amidships. 10679. Can you see this plan from there? Would it be these (Pointing on the model.)? - No, further forward than that. 10680. Which deck? - E, the working alleyway. 10681. Was it near the first class dining saloon you were? - Yes. 10682. Just abaft of that? - Yes, the afterend of the dining saloon, first class. 10683. Somewhere about there (Pointing.)? - Yes. 10684. Did you feel the shock? - Yes. 10685. Was it severe? - No, not too severe. 10686. You just noticed it. What did you do when you felt it? Did you come out into the alleyway? - Yes. 10687. You are speaking now of the alleyway on E deck? - The ship’s working alleyway. 10688. On E deck? - Yes. 10689. Did you meet anyone there? - I met quite a crowd. 10690. Were you told something about what had happened? - No, we were told nothing. 10691. What did you do next? - The first order I heard was from the Second Steward to close all watertight doors on F deck. 10692. To close the watertight doors on F deck? - That was the first order I heard given. 10693. How long after the accident was it you heard that order? - A matter of about a quarter of an hour. 10694. And did you go to F deck to obey that order? - No. The third class chief steward was sent for, for his men to do that order. 10695. Was that Mr. Kieran? - Yes. 10696. Did you see the Captain about this time? - No, I saw the Captain a matter of about 20 minutes after that. 10697. What did you see him do? - I saw him come down the working staircase and go along, I presume, to the Chief Engineer’s room. About 10 minutes after that I saw him come back. 10698. You saw him come back, too? - Yes, and go up the same staircase. 10699. Shortly after that, did you get another order? - All hands were to be called and to get out of their quarters and proceed to the passenger decks. 10700. Who gave that order? - The second steward, Mr. Dodd. 10701. You said something about passengers? - The bedroom stewards were ordered to their passengers’ rooms to tell passengers to get on warm clothing and proceed to the top deck, the boat deck. 10702. I think you were not a bedroom steward, you were a bathroom steward? - Yes. 10703. Does that mean that you had no particular passengers to look after? - We were told to get on the top deck and assist the passengers with their lifebelts. 10704. Did you take your own lifebelt? - No. 10705. What did you do? - I went to the top deck as we were ordered. 10706. What did you do when you got there? - Assisted passengers on with their lifebelts. 10707. When you say the top deck, I suppose you mean the boat deck? - Yes. 10708. Did you receive another order after that? - No, not then. 10709. When did you get your next order? - After we helped the passengers on with their lifebelts we were told to take our boat stations at our respective boats. 10710. Did you know what your boat station was? - Yes. 10711. What was it? - No. 3, starboard side.
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