Page 223 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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came on to the deck they all scrambled into the boat. 10653. How many? Can you give us an idea? - I have no idea - practically full. The boat was practically full, when the sea came into it, and washed them all out. 10654. Washed everybody out? - Washed everybody out of the boat. 10655. Washed the boat away? - No, it left the boat there. I do not know where it went to then. We were washed out of it; that is all I know. 10656. Was there anybody around you when you were in the water? - Yes, and well I know it, because they tore my clothing away from me with struggling in the water. 10657. Can you give us any idea when you were picked up? Was it dawn or daylight, or dark? - When I was picked up by our lifeboat? 10658. By the collapsible? - It was a good while after daylight. 10659. So you must have been in the water say about two hours and a half? - A long time I know. 10660. When you got in the boat were there many men in that boat? - Yes. I suppose there would be 12 or 14 men in it. 10661. Were they passengers or crew? - Mixed up. 10662. Could you give us any idea how many of the crew? - I really could not say; I could not pick them all out at that time. Can you give us any idea? The Commissioner: He has told us there were 10 to 12 passengers. He has already said it: “I got on to the boat and was saved. We picked up a woman and a man; 10 or 12 were passengers.” 10663. (Mr. Cotter.) How many were pulling when you got into the boat? - There was nobody pulling then because the boat was under sail when I got into it. 10664. Did they put out oars afterwards? - Yes, the officer asked for volunteers to row. 10665. Did you take an oar? - I did. There were three oars put out on the starboard side of the boat, and I took one on the port side. 10666. What condition were you in? - Were your feet or hands swollen? - My feet had burst my boots and my hands were all swollen up like this (demonstrating). 10667. And you volunteered to take an oar? - Yes. 10668. And you took an oar? - Yes. Examined by Sir ROBERT FINLAY. 10669. Only one question. Did you hear an order given in the alleyway about the watertight doors? - That was the first order I heard after I was woke by the shock. 10670. Just tell us what you heard? - Who gave it I do not know, but I heard an order in the alleyway outside our quarters to close all watertight doors. 10671. There are watertight doors in the alleyway? - Yes, lower down, further aft than our quarters are. 10672. And you heard that order given? - Yes. (The Witness withdrew.) CHARLES DONALD MACKAY, Sworn. Examined by Mr. RAYMOND ASQUITH. 10673. Is your name Charles Donald Mackay? - Yes. 10674. You were a bathroom steward on the “Titanic”? - Yes.
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