Page 221 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
P. 221
10601. I know that was against you, of course. The other collapsibles were under the davits, were not they - under other boats? - They lie just behind the No. 1 davit. 10602. And I suppose if this boat had been placed under one of the ordinary lifeboats it would have been quite an easy matter, even with a list, to have launched it? - If it was right under the davits - Yes. 10603. As you were one of the last to leave the boat before she sank, I want to ask you this question: Did you observe just at that time the lights of any ship in your vicinity? - I never saw any, Sir. 10604. Or even when you got into the water and on to the raft? - Only the lights of our own boats. Examined by Mr. COTTER. 10605. How long have you been going to sea? - Eight years. 10606. Have you been in any other company except the White Star Line? - My two first voyages to sea were in the Dominion Line. 10607. Do you know what boat drill is? - I do. 10608. What was the number of your boat on the “Titanic”? - No. 5. 10609. You saw that on the list? - I saw that on the list. 10610. In the pantry? - In the pantry. 10611. Had you any bulkhead door allotted to you? - No. 10612. Do you know anything about the bulkhead doors on the “Titanic”? - Which way do you mean? 10613. Where they were situated? - Of course, down below in the engine room department. I do not know anything about them; our department a little. 10614. Tell us what you know about the bulkhead doors and where they were situated? - On E deck, I know there are four there; that is on the port side. On the starboard side I know of two. 10615. Did you take any part in any bulkhead door drill? - No. 10616. You do not know whether the bulkhead doors were closed during the voyage, as far as it went, of the “Titanic”? - Not so far as I know. 10617. Now, I will take you up to the boats. When you got on deck you went to No. 5 boat, you stated? - Yes, I went to No. 5. That was my boat. 10618. And from there to No. 3? - Yes, No. 3. 10619. When you got to No. 1 did you receive any orders? - When I got as far as No. 1 boat I heard an order called out to cut the collapsible boat loose that was lying under No. 1 boat. 10620. You heard an order? - I heard an order given; I do not know who by. It might have been one of the officers, I do not know. I heard an order given to cut the collapsible boat loose. 10621. Did you go to the collapsible boat? - I did, and got my knife out and cut it loose. 10622. Did you see No. 1 launched? - No. My attention was on the collapsible boat, and I could not see what was going on in No. 1. I was that close to it (showing), but I could not see what went away in it or anything else. 10623. You never heard the order to launch No. 1? - No, I was working down below the collapsible. 10624. Did you see the first collapsible boat go away? - I did, off the starboard side. 10625. Was it launched from the davits? - Right from the davits, yes. 10626. Did you see Mr. Ismay about? - Yes, he was standing in the boat receiving women and children. 10627. He was standing in the boat? - He was receiving women and children in the collapsible boat when it was hanging over the side on the davits.
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