Page 22 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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along and get our lifebelts that way. 5733. To go and get lifebelts in the third-class quarters? - Yes. 5734. Now this was, I understand, about an hour after the collision? - This was 20 minutes past 1. 5735. When you were going to the third-class quarters did you see many of the third-class passengers about? - No. 5736. What section of the third-class quarters did you find those lifebelts in? - I cannot exactly point it out to you, but it was where some of the third-class sleep. 5737. In the sleeping quarters of the third-class passengers? - Yes. 5738. Had you ever been there before? - No. 5739. Who told you to go there? - One of the firemen. 5740. But who told you to go to this particular place? - The Chief Steward of the third-class. 5741. What is his name? - I could not tell you. 5742. Did you ever see him before? - Yes. 5743. He told you where to find those lifebelts? - Yes. 5744. These lifebelts were, I suppose, intended for use by the third-class passengers? - I do not know. I do not know whether they were spare ones or what they were. 5745. You know nothing further than you went and got them? - No. 5746. Were there many there? - Yes. 5747. You say you did not see any of the third-class passengers about? - No. 5748. How many men went along with you? - I should say about 30 or 40. 5749. Thirty or 40 went and got those belts? - Yes. 5750. You saw no one at all? - No; no passengers. 5751. Did you look for any? - No. 5752. You did not look for any? - No. 5753. How did you get from the position you were into the third-class quarters? Was it through the tunnel or up the ladder or how? What means of access was there? - Our engine room door leads up into the alleyway where the third-class is. 5754. The alleyway leads direct to the third-class sleeping compartments? - Yes. 5755. Where were those lifebelts kept? - Aft. 5756. But in a compartment by themselves? - Yes, up a little alleyway. There are seven alleyways there; I could not point out to you which one it was. 5757. Did you look into any of the third-class compartments to see if there were any of the passengers there? - No. 5758. Did you see any stewards about? - Yes, some stewards were getting belts there. 5759. They were looking after themselves also? - Yes. 5760. And taking these third-class lifebelts? - Yes. 5761. Was not it rather curious that you saw no third-class passengers at all? - No, I never saw one. There might have been some there if I had looked round, but I was not looking. 5762. You were not looking for passengers? - No. 5763. Did you see any women about? - No. 5764. Or any children? - No. 5765. How did you get from the third-class sleeping apartments to the boat deck? - I went to the third-class compartments and up the staircase. 5766. Was that the most direct way? - Yes. 5767. Had you any difficulty in getting up? - No. 5768. None at all? - No. 5769. Did all the other members of the crew follow you? - Yes. 5770. The 40 firemen? - Yes.
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