Page 217 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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10496. He is the petty officer of the boat. Was there any water in the collapsible boat by the time you got to the “Carpathia”? - No. 10497. It was all right? - Yes. (The Witness withdrew.) EDWARD BROWN, Sworn. Examined by Mr. ASPINALL. 10498. Were you serving as a first class steward on the “Titanic” on the occasion of this casualty? - Yes. 10499. Have you served in liners before? - Yes. 10500. In what ships? - The “Cedric,” the “Teutonic,” the “Oceanic,” the “Adriatic,” and the “Olympic.” 10501. All White Star boats? - Yes, all White Star boats. 10502. Do you know what your boat was? - The boat that I was assigned to was number 5. 10503. Had you seen the list? - Yes, I saw the list on the Friday. 10504. At the time of the accident were you asleep? - At the time of the accident I was asleep. 10505. Were you awakened by the shock? - Yes. 10506. I do not intend to take you in great detail through the earlier part of your story, because we have heard it many times from other people, but did you at first think that there was no danger? - I never thought there was any danger. 10507. And then after some 20 minutes had passed were you told that you were wanted on the boat deck to help with the boats? - That was the time I thought it was. You cannot judge time very well. I thought it was 20 or 25 minutes. 10508. Did you go on the boat deck, and do what you were told? - Yes. 10509. To take this matter quite shortly, did you first help with boat No. 5? - Yes. 10510. Did you help the women and children into the boat? - Yes. 10511. Those were the orders? - Those were the orders. 10512. Then did you go from that boat to No. 3? - Yes. 10513. And help there again with women and children? - Yes. 10514. Then did you go from boat No. 3 to boat No. 1? - Yes, I went from boat No. 3 to boat No. 1. 10515. And helped with women and children? - Yes. 10516. Having done that, did you then go and help with a collapsible boat? - Yes. 10517. I want you to tell me which collapsible boat that was, the one on the port side or the one on the starboard side? - The starboard side - the one that was under number 1 boat. 10518. Did you get that collapsible boat to the davits? - We did, Sir. 10519. Did you then proceed to fill it up with women and children? - Yes. 10520. Was Mr. Bruce Ismay taking any part in connection with that boat? - Yes, he was calling out for the women and children first. He helped to get them into that boat and he went into it himself to receive the women and children. 10521. Was that boat filled? - It was filled. 10522. What was done with that boat? - Filled up and lowered over the side. 10523. Was it then lowered down to the water? - As far as I can say. I saw it going over the side from the boat deck. 10524. Up to the time that that boat was filled and lowered away was Mr. Ismay there doing what you have told us? - Yes.
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