Page 216 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
P. 216
stern? - She was plunging forward. 10465. Did you see her stern out of the water at all? - Yes, Sir. 10466. Was the stern upstanding? - Yes. 10467. So that the stern was up in the water like that (showing)? - Yes. 10468. Could you see underneath her? - No. 10469. Could you tell that her keel was visible? - Yes, the keel was visible. 10470. Then, when you saw that, what did you next see happen to the stern? - She went down, you see. It upset me, and I could not exactly say. 10471. It upset you and you cannot give us a description of what happened? - No. 10472. Did you remain in this collapsible boat until you were picked up by the “Carpathia”? - Yes. 10473. And all your passengers? - Yes. 10474. As you went away with your 66 passengers and crew, and so you were picked up by the “Carpathia”? - Yes. Examined by Mr. SCANLAN. 10475. When this collapsible boat was lowered was the water practically up to the deck? - Not on that side - not on our side. That was the starboard side. 10476. Had you a light in this boat? - No. 10477. Was there a compass in it? - I do not know. 10478. Was there a supply of biscuits? - I do not know. 10479. Had you sufficient of a crew to row this boat? - No. 10480. Did you require the assistance of passengers? - No; we did not require them. 10481. You had 5 members of the crew in this boat? - Yes. 10482. How many would you have needed in order to row her? - It would want 8 - 8 or 9 crew. Examined by Mr. HARBINSON. 10483. Did anyone give you any instructions to stand at the first class emergency door? - No. 10484. Did you hear anyone give any instructions to any of the other stewards as to where they were to stand? - No. Examined by Mr. COTTER. 10485. Where is your third class pantry situated? - Amidships. 10486. From the time the vessel struck until you went to the boat did you go down to your pantry at all? - No. 10487. Did you go near to the third class dining room? - No. 10488. Did you see any stewards along E deck taking passengers aft - women passengers and children? - No. 10489. You did not see them? - Not E deck. You say aft. I was not there. I was at the other end. 10490. I mean taking them from forward to aft? - No. 10491. When you got up to the boat deck who was standing by that collapsible boat? Was there any officer there? - Yes. 10492. Who was it? - The chief officer, Mr. Murdoch. 10493. Did you see Mr. Lightoller about anywhere? - No. 10494. What officer got into your boat? Was there any officer there? - Only a quartermaster. 10495. There was no officer at all in your boat? - The quartermaster.
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