Page 215 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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mean that you did not see any, or you do not know whether any were there? - I did not see any women there at all. 10433. You did not see any women there at all; is that it? - Yes. 10434. That is in the neighbourhood of the boat, I asked you? - Yes. 10435. Did you notice whether there were any women and children on the deck at all when you left? - No. 10436. Do you mean you did not see any? - I did not see any. 10437. Your boat was launched over the side by means of the falls? What happened to it, do you remember? What happened when you first got to the water? Did it float all right? - Yes. 10438. Were the sides up - the canvas bulwarks? - Yes. 10439. Was it dry when you got into the water? - Yes. 10440. Who was in charge? - The Quartermaster. 10441. Do you remember his name? - No, I do not. 10442. Tell us what happened to it. I want you to tell us all you can. You got into the boat; there was the Quartermaster in charge. I suppose some of you started rowing? - Yes; I handed the babies over to the passengers, and I took the oars. 10443. You took the oars with the rest of the crew? - Yes. 10444. Did any of the passengers help you to row, or was it all done by you - the crew? - Done by the crew. 10445. How far did you row? Did you row right away from the ship? - Yes. We rowed away from the ship. We rowed her a distance out. 10446. You rowed out a distance from the ship? - Yes. 10447. You could not tell us how far? - No. 10448. Did you notice when you rowed away whether the ship had any list? - Yes, the ship had a list on her port side. 10449. Did you notice whether she was down by the head? - No, I did not notice. 10450. Did you notice whether she appeared to be going deeper into the water forward - did you notice that? - No. 10451. Then you rowed away? - Yes. 10452. Did you see the vessel go down? - Yes. 10453. Were you facing her when she went down? - Yes. 10454. Were her lights burning? - Yes, the lights were burning. 10455. Up to the last? - Yes. 10456. Can you give us any idea of how long it was after you had started rowing away from the “Titanic” before she sank? - No, I cannot. It was 20 minutes to two when we came away from her. 10457. That will help us. It was 20 minutes to two, you remember, when you started rowing away from the ship’s side - is that right? - Yes. 10458. That is what you mean, is it? - Yes. 10459. Not when you came up on deck, but when you started rowing away? - Yes, when we got away. It was just in time. 10460. How do you remember it was 20 minutes to two? - Because I looked at the time. 10461. That is what I wanted to know. Where did you look at the time? - One of the passengers had the time. 10462. And it was 20 minutes to 2? - Yes. 10463. Will you tell the Court what you saw? Explain to the Court what you saw when the vessel sank? - Of course, when she sank she went down. She went down this way (showing). I could not exactly say. I am only rough myself, and I cannot describe it. 10464. Let us see if we can help you. Did she appear to be plunging down by the head or the
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