Page 214 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
P. 214
10394. Do you remember whether the collapsible was on the starboard or the port side? - On the starboard side. 10395. Did Mr. Murdoch give you any order? - Yes. 10396. What was it? - He told me to get inside with the babies and take charge of them. 10397. Were you attached to any boat; had you a station on any boat? - Yes. 10398. What was it? - No. 3 on the starboard side. 10399. That was the second boat - the first lifeboat after the emergency? - Yes. 10400. Did you notice what had happened with regard to any of the other boats on the starboard side when you were ordered into the collapsible? - Not at all. 10401. When you came on the boat deck you did not see? - No. 10402. Did you notice whether No. 3 boat, your own boat, was there or not? - Yes, it was gone. 10403. You did notice that No. 3 boat was gone? - Yes, my boat was gone. 10404. Where was the collapsible when you were told to get into it? - By the side of No. 3 on the starboard side. 10405. On the starboard side? - Yes, on the starboard side close to number 3. That was the boat I was stationed in. 10406. Close by where number 3 would have been if it had been in its ordinary place? - Yes. 10407. Had it been moved or was it where you usually saw it? - It was where I always saw it. 10408. Did you notice whether the emergency boat had gone or not? - No. 10409. Did you notice anything more at all about the boats except that number 3 was gone? - No, I never noticed anything more. 10410. Were there people in the collapsible boat? - Yes. 10411. Were they women or men? - All women, Sir. 10412. And children? - Children and women. 10413. And some of the crew? - Five of the crew with the Quartermaster. 10414. Did that include yourself? - There were three Firemen, myself, and a Quartermaster. 10415. Do you remember how many you were in the boat? - Just about sixty-six. 10416. Does that include the crew? - That is without counting the crew. 10417. About sixty-six passengers? - Sixty-six passengers and five of the crew - seventy-one. 10418. (The Commissioner.) That means seventy-one in all, does it? - Yes. 10419. (The Attorney-General.) Did you count the passengers at all? - I took notice of the passengers - what there was there. I counted there were just about sixty-six. 10420. You mean when you could see? - Yes. 10421. Do you remember how the collapsible was launched at all into the water? - No. It is launched, of course. It is put down the side. 10422. It is put over the side? - It was swung out. 10423. By the davits? - Yes. 10424. Swung out by the davits? - Could you tell us, was that where No. 1 boat was or No. 3? - No. 3. 10425. That is what you mean, is it? - Yes. 10426. As I understand you, No. 3 boat, that is the first lifeboat on the starboard side? - Yes. 10427. And your boat took its place? - Yes. 10428. The collapsible boat? - Yes. 10429. And by means of the davits which were there ordinarily for No. 3 boat you were lowered into the water? - Yes. 10430. Probably that is how it is you noticed No. 3 boat was gone? - Yes. 10431. Were there any women or children on the deck in the neighbourhood of the boat when you left? - I did not notice. I never noticed at all. 10432. I want to quite understand what you mean when you say you never noticed. Do you
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