Page 213 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
P. 213
them. 10356. You helped them with the lifebelts - helped to tie them on? - Yes. 10357. Then when you had done that, where did you go? - I passed all the passengers I could see forward to the boat deck. 10358. How did you pass them forward to the boat deck? - Through the emergency door. 10359. Where was that emergency door to which you are referring? - The one right forward. 10360. Where does it lead through? - Right through the saloon companion. 10361. What saloon? - The first class. 10362. Right through the first class saloon companion? - Yes. 10363. That would be on the next deck, would it not, on the upper deck? - Yes. 10364. Deck E? - Yes. 10365. Would that be leading into the alleyway ? - Yes. 10366. As the people came along there you passed them through this door, did you? - Yes. 10367. Where did the people come from? - They came from forward. 10368. The people came from forward? - The people came from forward. 10369. Were they men or women? - All men, Sir. 10370. They were all from forward? - Yes. 10371. You passed them up to that door; did you give them any directions? - Yes, passed the directions right up. There were stewards besides me. 10372. Right up the whole way? - Right through the saloon to the companion - right through that door right up the saloon companion leading to the top deck. 10373. To the boat deck? - Yes. 10374. And you and others directed them? - Yes. 10375. Were there stewards posted at stations all along the way? - Yes. 10376. From forward? - Yes. 10377. Up to the companion? - Yes. 10378. Did you go down to the passengers quarters at all? - No, not at all. 10379. It was not part of your duty? - It was not part of my duty at all. 10380. You were carrying out what you were told by the steward - to assist them up to the boat deck? - Yes. 10381. Did a great number of passengers come along that alleyway? - Yes. 10382. Did you remain there until there were no more coming along the alleyway? - As far as I could see. 10383. You remained there until you could see no more passengers coming along the alleyway; is that right? - Yes. 10384. What did you do then? - I went to the boat deck myself. 10385. What was the time then? - Between one and half-past. It was nearly half-past one. 10386. You had nothing to do with the passengers who came from the afterpart of the ship? - No. 10387. When you found there were no more passengers coming along, you went up to the boat deck yourself? - Yes, I went up to the boat deck myself. 10388. Did the other stewards go with you? - Yes. 10389. And those who had been stationed there and who had been assisting in the directions? - Yes. 10390. When you got to the boat deck will you tell us what you saw? - I saw two babies on the deck; I picked them up in my arms and took them to the boat. 10391. Do you know what boat it was you took them to? - A collapsible boat. 10392. Was there any officer there? - Yes. 10393. Who? - The Chief, Mr. Murdoch.
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