Page 212 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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The Commissioner: On what deck did you say? 10334. (The Attorney-General.) He said E deck, but I am not sure that he is right. - I am not sure I am right. I know it is just outside the pantry. 10335. I am going to put a question that will clear that up. Was it on the same deck as the third class stewards had their quarters? - Yes. 10336. On the same deck as the third class dining saloon? - Yes. The Attorney-General: Then it is F deck. The Solicitor-General: It is marked, my Lord, “Third class Pantry” - just on the after side of it. The Attorney-General: It is just after the third class dining saloon. The Commissioner: No, it is apparently close to the boiler casing. The Attorney-General: It is also abaft of the third class dining saloon. The Commissioner: On the port side? - On the starboard side it is close to the dining saloon. The Attorney-General: So it is, I think, on the other. Both on the port and starboard side it is just abaft of the third class dining saloon. The boiler casing is marked in between. The Commissioner: On the plan I have there is only one dining saloon marked. The Attorney-General: I think they are both marked “Third class Dining Saloon.” The Solicitor-General: The title is “Third class Dining Saloon.” The Attorney-General: It is all one? - your Lordship sees. The Commissioner: Yes, I understand. 10337. (The Attorney-General - To the Witness.) Did you feel the collision? - Not at all. 10338. What was it that first indicated to you that there had been a collision with the iceberg? - There was just a small motion, but nothing to speak of. 10339. What happened immediately after this motion? - The order was “All watertight doors to be closed.” 10340. Are you referring to the watertight doors of this F deck? - Yes. 10341. Were they closed? - Yes. 10342. Did you help to close them? - Yes. 10343. Did several other men help with you? - Yes. 10344. Where did you close them? - I closed them on towards aft. I closed the pantry doors of my pantry on the starboard and port sides. The Attorney-General: Does your Lordship see them marked on the plan, on the starboard and port sides of the pantry. The Commissioner: Yes. 10345.(The Attorney-General.) Both of them are on the afterpart of the pantry. (To the Witness.) You said you were a third class pantry man. What was your duty? Had you any duty in connection with the passengers? - No, not at all. 10346. You had not to look after them at all? - No. 10347. Your business was entirely in the pantry? - Yes. 10348. Who was the chief third class steward? - Mr. Kieran. 10349. Did he give any orders that you heard? - The order that I heard was, “Assist all passengers on to boat deck.” 10350. (The Commissioner.) That meant, I suppose, “Assist all passengers”? - Assist third class passengers. When Mr. Kieran gave that he would mean to say the third class passengers. 10351. Get on to the boat deck? - All passengers get on to the boat deck. 10352. (The Attorney-General.) You understood that to mean the third class passengers who were under his charge? - Certainly. 10353. Was anything said about lifebelts? - I did not hear it, Sir. 10354. Did you help? - Yes. 10355. Tell us what you did? - The lifebelts I put on their heads, and I tied the strings round
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