Page 207 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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side. 10215. Who else besides you, then, were bringing the people from their berths - rousing them and bringing them up to the boat deck? How many others? - Almost eight. A portion of the third class stewards were room stewards, of whom I am the only survivor. 10216. I understood that there were only eight third class stewards in the aft portion altogether? - To look after them. 10217. Who were stationed at various places to direct the third class passengers the way they were to go? - Not of that eight. 10218. There were five? - Five others. 10219. What class stewards were they? - I could not tell you. Stewards were placed all round the ship. 10220. Do you know who placed them there? - I cannot tell you. 10221. Do you know the stewards by sight who were placed to direct the third class passengers? - No. 10222. But you say they were not third class stewards? - They were not third class stewards. 10223. Did you see the emergency door open? - I saw it open - The swing door to the second class you mean? 10224. Yes? - Yes. 10225. Do you know at what time it was opened? - Yes, I can tell you. It was open at half-past 12. 10226. Would it be right if anyone said that a number of sailors were keeping back the third class passengers from reaching the boat deck? - Would it be right to do so? 10227. Would it be right if anyone said so? - I do not say that it would be right. 10228. I asked you would it be right if anyone said so? - I would not like to say it would be right. 10229. (The Commissioner.) Would it be true? - I should not think so. Mr. Harbinson: It is not what you think. Did you see any sailors keeping back the third class passengers from reaching the boat deck? 10230. (The Commissioner.) Did you see anyone keeping the third class passengers back, so as to prevent them getting to the boat deck? - No, my Lord. 10231. (Mr. Harbinson.) You told us about a rush of men from the front part of the ship coming aft? - Yes. 10232. They were coming towards the third class quarters? - Yes. 10233. They were third class passengers? - They were. 10234. Why do you think they were coming aft? - Because I saw them coming aft. 10235. I quite realise that you saw them. But what was it caused them, do you think, to do that? Was it because they could not escape to the boat deck by the companion ladder leading to the front part of the ship? - I do not believe so. The Commissioner: How can he know that? Do let us have some sort of order in these questions. How can he know why they did come aft? Mr. Harbinson: Did you form any opinion at the time? 10236. (The Commissioner.) Did you ask them why they were coming aft? - No, Sir, there was no occasion to ask. 10237. (Mr. Harbinson.) Did you form any opinion at the time? - I knew why they were coming aft. 10238. That is what I want to know. Why did they come aft? - Because the forward section had already taken water. 10239. And that was the only way they could escape? - Not necessarily, no. They could escape from the fore part of the ship.
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