Page 203 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
P. 203
10110. Is it the usual practice in ships you have been on to have boat drill? - Yes. 10111. What companies have you been with? - The American Line. 10112. And what else? - Only that. 10113. How often do they have boat drill there? - As a rule, one each way, out and home. 10114. Do you call that a boat drill or a boat muster? - Fire and boat muster. 10115. Do the stewards and the firemen as well as the A.B.’s and other deckhands take part in that boat muster? - Yes. They have to attend this boat muster, failing which, they are logged for non-attendance - fined. 10116. You had not a boat muster on the “Titanic”? - No. Examined by Mr. ROCHE. 10117. You have told us that when you got the order to muster the women and children it was about half-past 12, you think? - Somewhere about that. 10118. Now I want you to give us your best estimate of the time when you left the ship - when the boat was lowered from the ship? - When boat No. 15 was lowered? 10119. Yes; it was the last boat, was it not? - Yes. 10120. What is your idea about the time then? - I should say about a quarter after one. 10121. You had been going between half-past 12 and a quarter-past one two or three times backwards and forwards from the deck to your quarters at K that you had charge of? - Yes. 10122. To do that you passed “Engine Room Casing”? - I could not tell you anything about the engine room casing. 10123. You pass along E deck, do you not? - No, I did not go along E deck. 10124. What deck were you on? - I was on E deck, but I went right aft. 10125. You never went as far as the engine room? - No. 10126. Was the electric light going all the time? - Yes. 10127. But what the engines were doing you do not know? - No; the light was burning brightly. 10128. But what the main engines were doing, you did not know? - I cannot vouch for what they were doing. 10129. Did you ever see any of the engineers on the boat deck? - No; I would not know them, perhaps, if I saw them. 10130. You would not know them at all? - No. 10131. How many officers did you see on the boat deck? You saw Mr. Murdoch? - I saw Mr. Murdoch on two occasions, the only two occasions on which I went to the boat deck. 10132. You never were on any deck below No. E deck at that time? - Yes, the third class dining room is below E deck; our own quarters are below it. 10133. The watertight bulkheads are there and extend up to E deck, I understand? - Yes. 10134. They extend up as high as E deck. When you passed along to go to the third class dining saloon, was the watertight bulkhead in the way there, open or shut? - Open. 10135. It is F deck you are talking about? - It is the deck below E deck. 10136. It is F you are speaking of? - Yes; that is where the dining room is situated, and where I was sleeping. Mr. Roche: When did you go there that night? The Commissioner: What is it you are putting to him? Mr. Roche: I am putting to him whether he was on a deck below E deck. The Commissioner: Yes, and he says he was. 10137. (Mr. Roche.) When was that? You slept there. Your own berth was there? - Yes. 10138. You were there in your berth at the time of the collision? - Yes.
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