Page 202 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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like to say “able to save,” but I saw in the same boat as myself those that I took to the boat - in the boat I got away in, No. 15. 10086. And the others? - They were not all mine. 10087. (The Commissioner.) They did not all come out of your section of the afterpart; some belonged to other stewards? - Yes, other sections. 10088. (The Solicitor-General.) I thought you might have been able to see them afterwards on the “Carpathia”? - Yes, I saw a lot of them. 10089. I thought that you could tell us probably how many people that were under your charge were saved? - I see what you mean. I should like to give you some idea. I saw about 20. 10090. Whom you recognise as being in the cabins you had? - Whom I recognised as being in my rooms. 10091. (The Commissioner.) That is 20 out of 58? - Yes. 10092. (The Solicitor-General.) The others came from other sections. I am told I may have made a mistake, and we ought to get it right. It is the first class companion up which you came. I said it was the one near the barber’s shop. Is that right or not? - To tell you the truth, I did not know where the barber’s shop was. 10093. Is it the main companion? - The main companion. 10094. The big one? - Yes. The Solicitor-General: That identifies it. I see it is close to the purser’s office. The Commissioner: The companion forward of the boiler casing? The Solicitor-General: Yes, my Lord, that is my meaning; it is the big one. The Commissioner: And it would bring him up opposite No. 8 boat? 10095. (The Solicitor-General.) That is it. And, putting it another way, it would bring him up between the first and second funnels of the ship. (To the Witness.) That is the one, Mr. Hart, is it not? - Yes. Examined by Mr. SCANLAN. 10096. At first, I take it, you were trying to assure the passengers under your charge that they were in safety? - Yes. 10097. When you realised that the position was very serious, what did you say to those people? - I told the people to lose no time in getting to the boat deck. 10098. Did you tell them the ship was sinking? - No, I did not know the ship was sinking. 10099. Even amongst the 49 [58] women and children for whom you were responsible, did some of those go back to their quarters? - Yes. 10100. And refused to go? - Yes. 10101. When those people refused to go, did you again go back to them and tell them that those in charge knew that the ship was in a very dangerous condition? - Yes; they were informed the second time I went back. 10102. You made it perfectly clear to them? - Everything was clear. 10103. At the time you were leaving in No. 15 boat, were there rockets being sent up? - Yes; rockets had been fired some time previous to that. 10104. You saw that yourself? - I saw the rockets fired; yes. 10105. Have you had boat drill during your experience as a steward? - Yes. 10106. On a number of ships? - Yes. 10107. You handled an oar yourself, did you in No. 15? - Yes. 10108. And you are quite accustomed to the handling of an oar? - I believe so. 10109. Have you had practice, some training, in handling lifeboats? - Well, I have had the usual boat drill on board ship, but previous to that I have had some exercise at rowing a boat.
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