Page 201 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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the after-well deck of the third class, and one was following in the others’ train. 10060. And would they pass through that door? - No, they would have to pass that door but not through it. 10061. What I wanted you to tell me was, whether that door which you say was open in order that people could get through, was used at all? - I cannot tell you that; I saw nobody use it. 10062. When this boat No. 15 left the boat deck with your 25 women and children in it and then you following in as Mr. Murdoch told you, were there any other women and children on the boat deck there? - Yes, there were some first-cabin passengers. 10063. Women? - Women with their husbands, I take it. 10064. This was the last boat to leave, at any rate, on the starboard side? - Yes. 10065. Were there men there? - Yes. 10066. A number of them? - A number of them. 10067. What was the discipline? What was the order then? - Absolute quietness. 10068. On the boat deck? - Yes. 10069. And when this last boat No. 15 got to the A deck and took in these five women and three children and the man, were there any other people on the A deck? - Yes, there were some men. 10070. Men? - Yes. 10071. Do you mean that there were only men left on the A deck? - Yes. 10072. When the boat got to the A deck did you hear any orders given or any cry raised to see whether there were women and children? - Yes, there had been repeated cries before that boat was lowered, for the women and children. 10073. And were they looked for when it reached the A deck? - Well, there were stewards all round the ship. I take it that there were. 10074. I understand you to say that so far as you know there were no other women and children on the A deck? - No. I saw none. 10075. As a matter of fact, was there any room in your boat when it left A deck, or was it full? - Had there been any more women or children I take it they would have made room. The Commissioner: There were some women. The Solicitor-General: Not on the A deck. The Commissioner: No, on the boat deck. The Solicitor-General: His point is that those on the boat deck would not go. The Witness: Had there been any more I have no doubt a place would have been found for them, even if they had to lie on others. 10076. Lord Mersey has just pointed out that you told us, on the boat deck where the boat left there were some women and their husbands. How was it they did not get into the boats? - Because the cry was for the women and children, and the boat at that time was practically full of women and children, and these women would not leave their husbands. 10077. That is what I wanted, that was the impression you got, was it? - Yes. 10078. Did you hear any of them say so on the boat deck? - Yes. 10079. You did? - Yes. 10080. You have told us that you were one of a number of some 60 third class stewards? - Yes. 10081. Can you tell me how many third class stewards were saved? - Yes, I believe 11 or 12. 10082. Out of 60? - Yes. 10083. And you have told me that you had about 55 or 60 people to look after in the third class cabins that were your duty? - Yes. 10084. Can you tell me of those how many were saved? - I would not vouch for those that got away in other boats outside of the one that I was in myself. 10085. Do you know how many of your own lot of people you were able to save? - I would not
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