Page 200 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
P. 200
10032. And you have told us that, besides, there were taken in from the A deck five women, three children, and a man with a baby? - Yes. 10033. That knocks off 10 more? - Yes. 10034. That leaves 15 more people. Now, can you give us any idea whether those 15 remaining people were men, women, or children, or what? - Yes. 10035. Will you tell us? - There were about three male passengers and the rest were women. 10036. (The Commissioner.) Do the three that you talk about include the man who came on board with a baby in his arms? - No. 10037. Then there were four men? - There were four men. 10038. Four men and 13 or 14 of the crew? - Yes. 10039. Then out of the whole boatload of 70 there were about 18 men? - Yes. 10040. (The Solicitor-General.) And it follows that if that is right there would be about 50 women and children? - Yes. 10041. Your people that you were responsible for were third class people? - Yes. 10042. Can you tell us about the people that were taken in from the A deck, the five women and three children and the man with the baby; do you know at all what class they belonged to? - Yes. 10043. What were they? - They were also third class. 10044. And those people who were on the boat before your contingent got into it, what class did they belong to as far as you know? - I should imagine they were either first class or second. 10045. Then it comes to this, that as far as you can tell us, it was either first or second class people who were in that boat before you got there. Then your people got in and some more people got in from A deck, and those people you think were third class people? - Yes. 10046. When you left the third class part of the ship the second time, the last time, were there any more third class passengers down there? - Yes, there were some that would not come to the deck. 10047. They would not come? - They would not leave their apartments. 10048. Of course by that time you at any rate had realised that this was a very serious accident? - Yes, but they would not be convinced. 10049. Did you do your best to convince them? - Everybody did their best. 10050. Did you hear other people trying to persuade them? - Yes. 10051. On this second journey of yours, the last journey, did you see other stewards or not engaged in getting people? - Yes, I met several on the deck directing them the way to the boat deck. There was one man at the foot of the companion leading from the sleeping accommodation to the after-well deck; there was one man at the end of the companion leading from the well deck to the E deck, and there were others along the saloon and second cabin deck showing them the way to the boat deck. So that there was no difficulty for anybody who wanted to get to the boats to find their way there. 10052. There is a third class interpreter, is there not? - Yes. 10053. Did you see him about? - Yes. 10054. Some of your third class passengers are foreigners? - Yes. 10055. What was he doing? - He was trying to keep some of the foreigners quiet. 10056. We have been told that there is an emergency door that can be opened and will let people from the third class into the alleyway, so that they could use the second class companion? - Yes. 10057. You did not go by that route, I know? - No. 10058. Did you see whether or not that door was open? - Yes, I could see the door was open. 10059. Could you see whether it was being used as a means of getting from the third to the second? - The people that were coming from the forward part of the ship were making right for
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