Page 199 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
P. 199
10002. Twenty-two women and three children? - The boat was then lowered to A deck. We there took in about five women, three children, and one man. He had a baby in his arms. 10003. Five women, three children, and a man with a baby from A deck? - Yes; the boat was then lowered away. 10004. Into the water? - Yes. 10005. You were in her, as I understand? - Yes. 10006. Did you get in her from the boat deck? - Yes. 10007. At the time when your second contingent got in? - After; yes. 10008. How many people do you think were in boat No. 15 after she got into the water, and when she was saved? - I would not like to vouch for its accuracy, but I can give you an estimate. 10009. What is your estimate? - I should say somewhere about 70 after we left A deck. 10010. Another witness has told us he thinks 68? - Well, it is a rough estimate; it is pretty near it. 10011. Now let us see if you can help us as to how many members of the crew there were in boat No. 15. There is yourself, of course? - Yes. 10012. Can you tell us how many other members of the crew there were in boat No. 15? - I should say about 13 or 14 all told of the crew. 10013. There is a man named Cavell, a little short man, who is a trimmer? - Yes. 10014. Do you know him? - Yes. 10015. He was in the boat? - Yes. 10016. Do you know a bath room steward named Rule? - Yes, I know him. 10017. He was in the boat? - I saw him get out of the boat. 10018. That will prove it. Then a man named Diamond [Dymond] we have heard of; he was a fireman? - Yes. 10019. Was he in the boat? - Yes. 10020. Who was in charge of her? - This Diamond [Dymond] - at least, he had all the say, and so I take it he was in charge. 10021. I suppose so. Then I think there is only one other name I have heard, that is Lewis. Was there a man named Lewis, said to be a third class steward? Do you know about that? - I no doubt know them by sight, but we had nearly 60 third class stewards, and it is rather difficult to know their names. 10022. Then we have heard something about somebody called Jack Stewart. Is that somebody else? - Well, I know the name, but I would not like to vouch for him being in the boat, as I did not see him. 10023. I want to be sure we do justice to you. You got your second contingent, 20 or 25, into the boat. They got in before you did? - Yes. 10024. Now, were any directions given about your getting into the boat? - Yes, I was ordered to get into the boat. 10025. Please, tell us about it? - After I saw my people in, the officer who had charge of the lowering away of that boat. 10026. That was Mr. Murdoch, was it not? - Yes, Mr. Murdoch. It was rather dark on the deck. He said, “What are you?” I said, “One of the crew. I have just brought these people up.” He said, “Go ahead; get into the boat with them.” 10027. And that is how you came to get in? - Yes. 10028. Let us take your estimate - 13 or 14 of the crew out of some 70? - Yes. 10029. That will leave us something like 55 others? - Yes, or 57. 10030. You have told us of that 55 or 56, some 25 were your contingent, your women and children that you brought up? - Yes. 10031. That is 25 out of the 55; that leaves about another 30? - Yes.
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