Page 198 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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9975. That is the aftermost boat on the starboard side? - Yes, the last boat on the starboard side. 9976. That is the boat we have had some evidence about this morning. Can you tell me whether at that time there were any boats on the port side? - I cannot say, I did not go; the last boat I saw on the port side launched was when I took my first lot of passengers to boat No. 8. 9977. At that time when you took your lot of passengers to boat No. 8 on the port side were there any other boats left on the port side? - It is like this. From boat No. 8 I believe there is a big square right amidships. I did not look further. 9978. You mean there is a big empty space? - Yes. 9979. Of course boat No. 8 is one of the forward lot of boats? - Yes. 9980. You would come up by the main companion way, and coming up by the main companion way would come up almost opposite boat No. 8? - Yes. 9981. And so you went straight to it? - Yes. 9982. You really cannot tell us whether at that time the after boats on the port side were still there or not? - I cannot tell you. 9983. And when you came up the second time you say you went to the starboard side? - I came up on the starboard side. It was on the starboard side that I came up. I went across in the first place to the port, because at that time they were lowering away the port boats. 9984. You mean the first time you came on the boat deck? - Yes, and on my return to the deck the second time, I could see that there were no boats being lowered away from the port. 9985. You could? - Yes, from the open space which is right opposite. I then took them to the starboard side. There was on that side one remaining boat, No. 15. 9986. I see that in order to get from the first class companion up which you came to boat No. 15, you would come out on the boat deck, if you look at the model, just in front of the second funnel, and you would have to walk right back to the aftermost boat, which we see there. That is right, is it not? - Yes. 9987. And you could see, of course, that there were no boats left until you got to No. 16 [15]? - On the starboard side there were no boats left except that one. 9988. When you got with these people to No. 15 was there room for them in it? - Yes, they were placed in it. 9989. Now this is on the boat deck? - Yes. 9990. Not on A deck? - No. 9991. Do you mean that these people were put into it from the boat deck? - From the boat deck. The boat was lowered right flush with the rail on the boat deck. 9992. From the davits? - From the davits to the level of the rail to enable the people to get in easier. 9993. I had better tell you why, because it helps us all. We have had other evidence, you see, and it is not very clear from the other evidence where the people got in? - Am I clear? 9994. You are clear. Are you quite clear in your own mind that they got in from the boat deck? - Yes. 9995. (The Commissioner.) 25? - There were more than 25, but I took up 25. 9996. Your 25 got into No. 15 boat from the boat deck? - Yes. 9997. (The Solicitor-General.) I daresay you can tell us a bit further about it. When you got to boat 15 with these 25 people, were there any people in boat No. 15 already? - Yes. 9998. About how many, or who? - Well, I can give you a rough estimate. 9999. Yes, of course? - The last 25 were passed in from the boat deck. 10000. Your 25? - Yes. 10001. (The Commissioner.) Were they mixed, women and children, or were they women? - There were three children with them, my Lord.
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