Page 197 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
P. 197
before you now? The Commissioner: Yes. The Solicitor-General: Your Lordship sees he comes up to that deck by what is there marked as “Third class Entrance” in the extreme afterpart of the ship? The Commissioner: I see that. The Solicitor-General: Then he guides his people forward along that deck, past the second class part of the ship, where the second class library is marked. The Commissioner: I see that. 9949. (The Solicitor-General.) And goes still forward until he comes to the first class stairs, which is next to what is marked “Barber’s shop,” a big stairway. (To the Witness.) Then did you guide them up that first class stairway to the boat deck? - Right to the boat deck. 9950. At that time, when you took up your people by that route, was there any barrier that had to be opened, or was it open to pass? - There were barriers that at ordinary times are closed, but they were open. 9951. They were open when you got there? - Yes. 9952. How many people of your lot did you take up the first time you went up this course to the boat deck? - Somewhere about 30. 9953. All women and children of the third class? - Yes, on that occasion, on the first occasion. 9954. And having got them to the boat deck, do you remember whereabouts on the boat deck you took them to? - Yes. I took them to boat No. 8, which was at that time being lowered. 9955. That is the fourth boat on the port side? - Yes. 9956. Practically opposite the second funnel, or a little more forward than the second funnel? - Yes. 9957. Did you leave them there? - I left them there and went back again. 9958. And when you went back what happened then? - But on the way of my getting back other passengers were coming along, third class passengers. They were also being shown the way to the boats. Amongst them were females - the husbands and fathers were with them. 9959. Who was showing them the way? - One by the name of Cox. 9960. Is he a steward? - Yes. 9961. One of your colleagues? - One of the third class stewards. 9962. Was Cox saved, do you know? - No. 9963. Did they follow the same route to go to the boat deck? - Well, by the way he was taking them they must have done. 9964. You returned to your people? - I returned to my own part of the ship. 9965. Did you bring up any more? - Yes, about 25. I had some little trouble in getting back owing to the males wanting to get to the boat deck. 9966. The men? - Yes. After the word was passed round for women and children, I was delayed a little time in getting a little band together that were willing to go to the boats. 9967. A band of women and children? - Yes. 9968. How many did you gather? - Somewhere about 25. 9969. Were those all people from the rooms you were responsible for? - No, also from other sections. 9970. Were they all third class passengers? - Yes. 9971. Did you guide them by the same route? - Yes. 9972. Where did you take them to? - I took them to the only boat that was left then, boat No. 15. 9973. This is an important thing. You say the only boat that was left? - That I could see. 9974. Do you mean the only boat that was left on either side of the ship? - I came along the starboard side of the vessel and on that side of the vessel that was the only remaining boat.
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