Page 195 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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part of the ship would come along the alleyway and then go down a companion ladder and get to the dining saloon? - Yes. 9900. On the deck below? - Yes. 9901. (The Solicitor-General.) Where was it you saw them? - I saw them where I was placed in my part of the ship, where my people were. 9902. That is K and M? - Yes, on the main alleyway. 9903. I think the next thing you will be able to tell us will be the further instructions as to where these people were to go? - I waited about there with my own people trying to show them that the vessel was not hurt to any extent to my own knowledge, and waited for the chief third class steward, or some other officer, or somebody in authority to come down and give further orders. Mr. Kieran came back. He had been to sections S, and Q, and R to see that those people also were provided with lifebelts. 9904. S, and Q, and R are all in the extreme afterpart of the ship, are not they? - That is correct. 9905. S is on deck G, R is on deck F, and Q is on deck E, all in the extreme afterpart of the ship? - Yes. 9906. He had been there to your knowledge? - Yes, he had also his assistant with him, one by name, Sedginary. [Sidney Sedunary] 9907. (The Commissioner.) The chief steward and his assistant, Sedginary [Sedunary], went right aft, did they? - Yes. 9908. To S, R and Q? - Q, S and R. The Solicitor-General: Your Lordship happened to say, “The chief steward.” Of course, it is the chief third class steward. Your Lordship appreciates that? The Commissioner: Yes. 9909. (The Solicitor-General - To the Witness.) Would those two people you have spoken of, Mr. Kieran and Mr. Sedginary, have any responsibility except for third class passengers? - No, I think not; that is their own department of the ship. 9910. What about the assistant; you say his assistant was with him? - Yes. 9911. In these compartments, do you mean? - Going around he went round with him. 9912. Did Kieran survive? - No. 9913. He was drowned? - Yes. 9914. And the other man? - The assistant also, he was drowned. 9915. You would have colleagues, other of the third class stewards, of course; do you know whether they were doing what you were doing? - All the men that had rooms were. 9916. All the third class stewards who had got rooms? - The third class stewards do not all have rooms. The third class stewards that had rooms went round to their respective sections and were doing the same as I was doing. 9917. (The Commissioner.) You mean those who had charge of rooms? - Yes. 9918. You mean to say they roused the passengers and tried to get them to put on lifebelts? - Yes. 9919. (The Solicitor-General.) How many third class stewards would there be who would have charge of rooms in the afterend of the ship? - Eight. 9920. As far as you know they were each engaged in doing this? - Yes. 9921. Now just tell us about the next thing? - I was standing by waiting for further instructions. After some little while the word came down, “Pass your women up on the boat deck.” This was done. 9922. That means the third class? - Yes, the third class. 9923. Anything about children? - Yes. “Pass the women and children.” 9924. “Pass the women and children up to the boat deck”? - Yes, those that were willing to go to the boat deck were shown the way. Some were not willing to go to the boat deck, and stayed
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