Page 194 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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placed upon them; see that they have lifebelts on them.” I did so. 9880. I suppose most of those people would have retired for the night? - The majority had retired. 9881. Did you knock them all up? - Yes. 9882. Can you tell us so far as your third class passengers are concerned, did you go to each third class compartment and rouse up your people? - I went to each third class room and roused them. 9883. (The Commissioner.) Were most of them up or were they asleep? - The majority were up. They had been aroused before I got there. 9884. (The Solicitor-General.) They are not single cabins, these third class compartments, are they; not single berths? - They consisted of four berth-rooms and two berth-rooms, and two six berth-rooms. 9885. And what did you do about the lifebelts? - I saw the lifebelts placed on them that were willing to have them put on them. 9886. (The Commissioner.) Some would not put them on? - Some refused to put them on. 9887. (The Solicitor-General.) Did they say why? - Yes, they said they saw no occasion for putting them on; they did not believe the ship was hurt in any way. 9888. Up to this time were any instructions given for your people to go to any other part of the ship? - Not to my knowledge. 9889. Just tell us next what the next instructions were, or the next thing that you did. I will put the question in another way. You have told us that the instructions you got from Mr. Kieran, that you were to rouse up your people and get lifebelts on them. Did he say anything about future instructions that would be given? - He said there would be further instructions; that I was to stand by my own people. 9890. So you were expecting further orders? - Yes. 9891. Now you can tell us what happened. What further orders were given? - He said, “Have you placed lifebelts on those who are willing to have them?” I said, “Yes.” After that there was a large number of men coming from the forward part of the ship with their baggage, those that were berthed up forward - single men. 9892. Third class? - Yes. When I saw that my own people had the required number of lifebelts, or those who were willing to have them, I placed the remainder of the lifebelts in one of the alleyways beside which these people would have to pass in case any came through without lifebelts from the forward part of the boat. 9893. This is also on deck E? - Yes. 9894. You told us these third class passengers who were berthed forward came down to the aft? - Yes. 9895. That would be down that alleyway? - Yes, down to the afterpart of the ship. 9896. And whether a third class passenger is berthed forward or berthed aft, is the third class dining-room aft? - The third class dining-room runs from almost amidships to aft. 9897. What I mean is the third class passengers who are berthed forward would know their way aft, because they had been accustomed to go to the dining-room? - Yes. 9898. (The Commissioner.) What deck is the dining-room, is it below E deck; that would be F? - The Solicitor-General: It is very clearly shown on that big section up there. Your Lordship sees “Third class dining-room,” indicated amidships (pointing on the section). The Commissioner: It is right amidships. The Solicitor-General: Yes. Your Lordship sees the people who are berthed right forward would be quite accustomed to come back to that extent. 9899. (The Commissioner.) Yes, I see it. (To the Witness.) These men coming from the forward
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