Page 192 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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The Commissioner: I can understand it affecting his memory, but I cannot understand it having the effect of causing him to remember things that did not take place. I quite understand him forgetting things by reason of his illness. Mr. Cotter: That night, my Lord, might have an influence on a man’s brain. The Commissioner: Perhaps you know more than I do about it, but I should have thought it did not cause him to remember things that did not take place. Mr. Harry Barber: May I say I am watching the case on behalf of the Stone-Lloyd system of watertight doors. Mr. Cotter, in examining the witness, referred to the watertight doors as the Stone-Lloyd doors. The Stone-Lloyd is not the system. Mr. Cotter: I said “or automatic doors.” The Commissioner: Do not let us get into conversation about these matters. JOHN EDWARD HART, Sworn. Examined by the SOLICITOR-GENERAL. 9833. Is your name Hart or Stewart? - Hart. 9834. Were you a third class steward on the “Titanic”? - Yes. 9835. And at the time when the collision occurred were you off duty and in your bunk? - Yes. 9836. What deck is your room on? - The glory hole below E deck, below the main working alleyway. 9837. Do you mean that it is on E deck, or below E deck? - Below E deck. 9838. Is it a room in which a number of third class stewards are together? - Yes. 9839. I see a room on the plan that is marked “42 third class stewards”; would that be it? - We have two rooms for third class stewards. They are both on the same level, but one is beside the third class dining room. 9840. And the other one? - The other is further along - more amidships. 9841. I see, which was yours? - Just beside the third class dining room. The Solicitor-General: Has your Lordship got it? The Commissioner: Yes, I have just seen it. 9842. (The Solicitor-General - To the Witness.) It is marked “38 third class stewards,” on deck F, I think? - I think it is. The Solicitor-General: I think it is the more after one of the two, your Lordship sees. The Commissioner: Is it marked, “42 third class stewards”? The Solicitor-General: I understand him, my Lord, rather to suggest that it is the one in the afterpart of the same deck, a little further aft. There is another one marked, “38 third class stewards.” The Commissioner: Yes, I see it. 9843. (The Solicitor-General.) I think that is what he means. (To the Witness.) Close to the bakers? - Yes. 9844. There is a room for six bakers next door? - Yes. 9845. Very well, that is your room. Were you awakened by the collision? - No. 9846. Did somebody else come and wake you up? - Yes, somebody came along and woke me. 9847. You heard there had been an accident? - Yes, they said there had been an accident. 9848. I think at first you did not think it was serious, and did not take much notice of it? - Yes, and went to sleep. 9849. Who was it who came afterwards and gave instructions? - The chief third class steward, Mr. Kieran. 9850. (The Commissioner.) Is he a third class steward? - Yes.
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