Page 191 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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so very often. I do not know whether you have some doubt about it now. 9804. (The Solicitor-General - To the Witness.) I do not want to put it on you if you are not certain. You told us how Mr. Murdoch stood on the top deck and told some of you to get into that boat? - There were six got in then. 9805. And you were one of them? - No, I did not get in then. 9806. You got in at A deck? - Yes. 9807. That is one amongst seven? - Yes. 9808. Is that all you know of the crew that were in that boat? - That is all I know, yes. 9809. Very well. This is clear. Now there is one other thing it seems to me you can tell us. You say six got in from the top deck, the boat deck, and the boat was lowered to the next deck, the A deck. Is that right? - Yes. 9810. Now, did all the rest of the people get in from the A deck? - Yes. 9811. And nobody got in below that? - No. 9812. You yourself got in from the A deck? - Yes. 9813. And what were you doing while this boat was level with the A deck? - After she got down to the A deck? 9814. Yes, lowered from the top deck to the A deck. When she was lowered she had six of the crew in her? - Yes. 9815. Now it comes to A deck? - Yes. 9816. What were you doing on A deck during the time the boat No. 15 was level with the A deck? - I was on the boat deck and came along to the A deck. 9817. You mean you followed the boat down? - Yes. 9818. And you came down to A deck yourself? - Yes. 9819. And when you got to A deck did you get into the boat at once? - No. 9820. What did you do while the boat was level with A deck? - I assisted the women and children in that I was speaking of. 9821. Where were you standing? - By the rail. 9822. That is what I want to know. You were standing by the rail and you helped them in? - Yes. 9823. Do you mean you remained standing by the rail until you got in? - On the rail, yes. 9824. You did? - Yes. 9825. All the time? - Yes. 9826. And when you got into the boat, by that time was the boat full or not? - Yes. 9827. You mean you got in then, one of the last? - Yes. The Solicitor-General: I have got some other witnesses about this boat, my Lord; it is just to see how much he does know. I think it would be better to call my other witnesses about this boat instead of recalling Cavell for the moment. The Commissioner: Yes. 9828. (Mr. Cotter.) May I ask one question? It may clear the air. (To the Witness.) Have you suffered in health since this accident? - Yes. The Commissioner: Suffered in health? 9829. (Mr. Cotter.) Yes. (To the Witness.) Several nights without sleep? - Yes. 9830. Thinking of this disaster? - Yes; I have been to a doctor. 9831. You agree it has affected your memory a lot? - Yes. 9832. Have you been to a doctor? - Yes. Mr. Cotter: I think that will clear the air a little, my Lord. (The Witness withdrew.)
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