Page 190 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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third class. 9779. (Mr. Cotter.) The stewards would know where those bulkhead doors were? - Yes. 9780. Is it not the fact that it would be their duty if they had been taught or shown any drill, to close those doors immediately there was a collision? - Naturally it would be. 9781. No one went to close those doors that night? - No, because when I left the deck the interpreter was forcing people along the watertight doors in the alleyway. 9782. Showing it was taking in water forward, I put it to you the water would come along that deck and would get level with E deck, would it not? - Not that night, she would be down by the head. [Question originally refers to T deck - in place of E deck.] 9783. The water would find its level down E deck? - Yes. 9784. If the bulkhead door was closed then the water could not get along that deck? - There is no bulkhead door forward. 9785. Just think a bit? - No; on the starboard side there is; not on the port side. 9786. On the starboard side there is? - Yes on the starboard side, but not on the port side. 9787. I think you will find there is one on each side; just think it out; are you sure? - I do not remember one on the port because you go right up to the staircase to take you to the different decks. 9788. Where did you go after you left your room the second time? - On the boat deck. 9789. Had you heard any orders then? - No. 9790. You simply went on your own account? - Only what the chief steward said to the bedroom stewards, to see passengers out of their rooms with their lifebelts and lock their doors. 9791. (The Commissioner.) He told us this before. The Witness: And everyone else to go to the boat deck. 9792. (Mr. Cotter.) I will take you to your boat. There has been a little discrepancy. You were sitting in the bow, you say? - Yes. 9793. Was there anyone sitting with their back to you? - Yes. 9794. Is that how you made a mistake with regard to the number of women? - Yes. 9795. You found you made a mistake? - The part was full of men where I was sitting. There were two to each oar. 9796. So you thought it was full of men. It was like an optical illusion to you that night. Thank you. Examined by Mr. LAING. 9797. Was there a steward called Stewart with you in that boat? - Yes. 9798. Was there a man called Lewis with you in that boat? - I do not remember. 9799. Was there a man called Diamond [Dymond], a trimmer? - That I could not say. Examined by the SOLICITOR-GENERAL. 9800. I just want to get this clear. As far as you are clear, you have told us several times how many people there were in this boat, No. 15, altogether. You have given their number. Now, what is the number? - Sixty-eight. 9801. You are sure about that? - As far as Stewart told me. 9802. You heard it from Stewart? - Yes. 9803. Now we will take 68. You have told us several times that of the crew there were seven in the boat. Is that right? - The crew altogether, do you mean? The Solicitor-General: Yes. The Commissioner: There were seven of the “Titanic’s” crew in your boat? You have told us
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