Page 19 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
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5657. Tell us what you saw? - I saw two boats then, and one of the boats was where the officer pulled a revolver out and shot it between the ship and the boat and said, “If any man jumps into the boat I will shoot him like a dog.” 5658. That is Mr. Lowe, according to the evidence. Do you remember where these boats were? Were they forward or aft? - Aft. 5659. Aft on the port side? - Aft on the port side. 5660. There are four aft on the port side. Do you remember which of them you saw? - I know it was the two after-boats on the port side. 5661. That is 14 and 16 on the port side? - I do not know the number. 5662. That is right. They were the last. When you looked over the starboard side you were in the afterend? - In the afterend. 5663. Could you see at all whether there were any boats forward on the starboard side? - No. I saw a lot of lights a tidy distance away from the ship, and the chaps thought it was a ship overhauling us and somebody said they thought it was a lifeboat, and the others said they could not have got out so far; but we happened to find out it was a lifeboat. 5664. When you did look over the starboard side there were no boats either forward or aft? - No, not alongside the ship. 5665. So that all the boats either forward or aft had gone from the starboard side? - Yes. The only two left were on the port side, the afterend of the ship. 5666. (The Commissioner.) And they were the only two lifeboats left? - Round the ship, yes. 5667. (The Attorney-General.) Either lifeboats or emergency boats? - Yes. The Commissioner: And they were 14 and 16. 5668. (The Attorney-General.) That is right? - They were full up with women. There were only two men in one boat and that was the one I got into. They pulled back for two more men, and we got in from the ship’s side. 5669. (The Attorney-General.) He is right; that is boat 14; they took off two men? - Yes; we got up on the davits and went down the falls. I got halfway down and went into the water. Ranger happened to get into the boat without getting wet. I was in the water, I suppose, about four or five minutes and they pulled me in. 5670. You were pulled in and taken into the same boat that Ranger was in? - Yes. 5671. There were only two men? - Yes. 5672. All the rest were women? - Yes; it was filled up with women. 5673. Any children? - Yes, one or two, but I cannot say how many, and I cannot say how many were in the boat, but I know she was full up. We pulled away from the ship’s side and we had not been away long before the ship started breaking up, and her stern went up in the air, and you could see her three propellers nearly the same as you can see them on the model. 5674. You got away? - Yes; we had just got at the stern of her when she started breaking up. 5675. You say she started breaking up? - Yes; she broke off at the after-funnel, and when she broke off her stern end came up in the air and came down on a level keel and disappeared. 5676. It went up in the air and came back on a level keel? - Yes. 5677. Then did she go up again before she disappeared? - No. 5678. Simply sank? - She simply sank. 5679. (The Commissioner.) Where did she break? - The after-funnel. 5680. (The Attorney-General.) Do you mean between the third and fourth funnels? - No, the after-funnel. From the after-funnel to the stern of her. 5681. Do you mean the break was aft of her last funnel? - Yes, just aft of the last funnel. 5682. (The Commissioner.) Aft of the ventilating funnel? - Yes, that is right. The Commissioner: Does this agree with the other evidence? The Attorney-General: No.
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