Page 189 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
P. 189
9747. So you would have a thorough knowledge of the run of the decks? - Yes. 9748. So you would know whether A deck was covered in or whether it was not? - Yes. 9749. Where were you when the ship struck? - In my bed. 9750. In your bunk? - Yes. 9751. Who got you out? - Myself. 9752. Who called you up? - Myself; the stopping of the engines woke me. 9753. The stopping of the engines woke you up? - Yes. 9754. Did you get up out of bed because somebody told you, or did you go to see for yourself what was the trouble? - I just jumped up myself. 9755. Did anyone come to the glory hole and tell you to get up? - Not then. 9756. When did they come? - I got up and dressed immediately the engines stopped. The engines reversed. 9757. She reversed? - Yes. 9758. When did it stop? - Almost immediately and the electric bells below started ringing, and I dressed and went right up on deck. 9759. The electric bells started ringing; was that attached to the Stone-Lloyd doors, the automatic doors? - Down below in the fidley. 9760. You could hear them ringing? - Yes, from my room. 9761. Did anybody come then and give any orders? - No. 9762. Did anybody receive any orders that night? - Not till later on in the night. 9763. Who gave orders then? - I come back to my room and the chief bedroom steward then came down. 9764. How long after she struck did you come back to your room? - Possibly it may be 20 minutes. 9765. When you got back to your room whom did you hear giving orders? - The chief bedroom steward came down. 9766. What is his name? - Penrose. 9767. Did you see the chief steward or second steward, or any officers along B deck? - I saw the second steward on B deck, in the deck pantry, as I passed up the second time, and the purser. 9768. What were they doing? - They were in conversation one with the other. 9769. Did anyone give the stewards’ department any orders what to do? - They gave me no orders. 9770. Did you see any orders given by any of these people in position? - No. 9771. Did you see any stewards going forward or aft to the third class? - As I passed out on E deck, Muller, the interpreter, was getting all his people from forward aft, and they were taking their luggage with them on E deck. 9772. He was getting them from forward to aft? - Yes, the afterend of the ship. 9773. Were there any women among them? - No, all men. 9774. They were passing the men along E deck? - All the foreigners. 9775. And they were bringing the baggage along? - Yes, the trunks and valises and all that, with them. 9776. Was there any chaos in the alleyway? - None whatever; you would think they were landing on the tender taking their baggage to New York. 9777. Can you tell me how many bulkheads there are on E deck; that is Scotland Road as you call it? - Yes. 9778. How many? - I could not say. The Commissioner: The plans will tell us that far better than this witness can. The Witness: There are two on the port side by the engine room, one outside our door, the next one is by the engine room door, and then aft there are two more before you get to the end of the
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