Page 188 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 6 - 9
P. 188
9714. (Mr. Clement Edwards.) You say that A deck is an open deck aft? - Yes. The Commissioner: Not aft - near aft. 9715. (Mr. Clement Edwards.) What is the position at which A deck ceases to be a closed deck. Go to the model and point out? - The windows finish there; and this is open (pointing on the model). 9716. So that right away under the after-boats it is all open? - Yes. Examined by Mr. HOLMES. 9717. At the time No. 15 was lowered the “Titanic” was very badly down by the head? - Yes. 9718. So much so that you nearly came down on boat No. 13? - Yes. 9719. And there was, therefore, no time to waste in getting passengers in? - No. 9720. Now as to the order in which the other boats were lowered. Are you quite satisfied that when you came on deck No. 1 was already in the water? - Yes. 9721. And that 5 and 3 were lowered after No. 1? - Yes. 9722. Just think carefully. Was not No. 5 lowered before No. 3, and No. 3 before No. 1? - No, I do not think so. 9723. You do not think so. Are you quite certain about it? - No. 5 was there. 9724. Are you quite sure Nos. 3 and 1 were not there? - No. 3 was on the deck. 9725. Was not No. 1 there also? - No; No. 1 was in the water. 9726. No. 1 was the emergency boat, which is swung right out? - Yes. 9727. Might it not be that because it was not in the same position as the other boats you did not notice it when you came on deck? - No. 9728. You say you do not know whether there were any officers there or not? - Forward? 9729. Yes? - I could not say. 9730. Was there anyone on the bridge then; did you see the captain? - No, I was a long way from the bridge. 9731. Did you hear any orders given at all? - No. 9732. To any of the boats as they were being lowered? - No. 9733. Nor to them in the water? - The only order I heard was to stand off. 9734. Was there any mention of gangways? - No; the only orders I heard was to come back to the ship when called. 9735. Which boats did you see lowered. Did you see Nos. 5 and 3 actually lowered into the water? - No. 9736. Neither of them? - No. Examined by Mr. COTTER. 9737. How long have you been going to sea? - 40 years. 9738. How long? - About 40 years. 9739. How long have you been in the White Star Company’s employment? - 35. 9740. Have you ever taken part in boat drill? - Yes. 9741. In the White Star Line? - Yes. 9742. So you have a thorough grasp of what boat drill really means? - Yes. 9743. Did you see a boat list with your number or the number of your boat on before you left Southampton? - Not before I left Southampton. 9744. When did you see it? - About the day after I left Queenstown. 9745. Where was it posted up? - In the saloon pantry. 9746. What position do you hold on board? - Bath steward on B deck.
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